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Accelerate quantum computing research

1 free hour of simulation time per month

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Build quantum projects on a trusted cloud with simple pricing and management controls for both quantum and classical workloads.

Run hybrid quantum-classical algorithms faster with priority access to quantum computers and no classical infrastructure to manage.

How it works

Amazon Braket is a fully managed quantum computing service designed to help speed up scientific research and software development for quantum computing.
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Use cases

Research quantum computing algorithms

Accelerate scientific discovery with tools for algorithm development and support from the AWS Cloud Credit for Research Program.

Test different quantum hardware

Push the boundaries of quantum hardware research with easy access to trapped ion, superconducting, and annealing devices.

Build quantum software faster

Bring software for quantum computing to market rapidly with Amazon Braket’s software development kit (SDK), simple pricing, and workflow management.

Explore industry applications

Prepare your business for quantum hardware advances and learn how to apply the technology to optimization, chemistry, simulation, and other hard computational problems.

Quantum Hardware Technologies

Quantum annealers

Quantum annealing uses a physical process to find a low energy configuration that encodes the solution of an optimization problem. Amazon Braket provides access to quantum annealing technology based on superconducting qubits from D-Wave.

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Learn more about quantum annealers »

Gate-based ion-trap processors

Trapped-ion quantum computers implement qubits using electronic states of charged atoms called ions. The ions are confined and suspended in free space using electromagnetic fields. Amazon Braket provides access to ion-trap quantum computers from IonQ.

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Learn more about gate-based ion-trap processors »

Gate-based superconducting processors

Superconducting qubits are built with superconducting electric circuits operating at cryogenic temperature. Amazon Braket provides access to quantum hardware based on superconducting qubits from Rigetti.

Gate-based photonic quantum computers

Photonic quantum computers utilize quantum light sources that emit squeezed-light pulses, with qubit-equivalents that correspond to modes of a continuous operator, such as position or momentum. Amazon Braket provides access to photonic quantum computers from Xanadu.

Xanadu Quantum
Learn more about Xanadu photonic quantum processors »

How to get started

Try the AWS Free Tier

Get a year of hands-on experience with Amazon Braket simulators and the AWS Free Tier.

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Connect with an expert

Get help from the Quantum Solutions Lab for complex computational problems.

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Get credits for research

Start your academic quantum research on Amazon Braket with support from the AWS Cloud Credit for Research Program.

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