AWS IoT TwinMaker

Optimize operations by easily creating digital twins of real-world systems

50 million API calls per month

for 12 months with the AWS Free Tier

Use your existing IoT, video, and enterprise application data where it already lives—without needing to reingest or move the data to another location.

Save time with an automatically generated knowledge graph that binds your data sources to virtual replicas of physical systems to accurately model real-world environments.

Get an immersive 3D view of your systems and operations to optimize efficiency, increase production, and improve performance.

How it works

AWS IoT TwinMaker makes it easier for developers to create digital twins of real-world systems such as buildings, factories, industrial equipment, and production lines. AWS IoT TwinMaker provides the tools you need to build digital twins to help you optimize building operations, increase production output, and improve equipment performance. With the ability to use existing data from multiple sources, create virtual representations of any physical environment, and combine existing 3D models with real-world data, you can now harness digital twins to create a holistic view of your operations faster and with less effort.

Use cases

Improve field operations in manufacturing plants

Quickly pinpoint and address equipment and process anomalies from the plant floor to improve worker productivity and efficiency.

Increase equipment uptime in remote facilities

Remotely diagnose equipment issues with immediate access to all relevant operational data to enable faster decision-making.

Enhance the tenant experience in commercial buildings

Monitor live and historical temperature, occupancy, and air-quality data within rooms and open spaces to improve occupant comfort.

How to get started

Find out how AWS IoT TwinMaker works

Learn more about how to connect your data, model your physical environment, compose 3D scenes, and more.

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Discover AWS IoT TwinMaker Partner capabilities and how they can help address your needs.

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Get started with a tutorial

Learn how to start creating and using digital twins with AWS IoT TwinMaker.

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Experience a Digital Twin dashboard

Experience a cookie factory Digital Twin dashboard built with AWS IoT TwinMaker and Amazon Managed Grafana.

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