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Download this ebook to learn more about four key technologies that are already impacting retailers: Generative AI and Machine Learning, Web3 and Spatial Computing, Computer Vision and Sensors, and Composable Commerce.

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Sainsbury's: Building the future of retail on AWS (19:20)
Super Retail Group on AWS: Customer Story (14:11)

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Transforming Retail in the Cloud: A CIO’s Handbook

How can retailers mobilize their technological resources to capture emerging growth opportunities while competing in a rapidly changing market landscape. In this e-book, you will learn about a powerful new IT paradigm for retail—a Cloud Services Technology Framework.

The CTO Guide to Ecommerce Architectures, By Matthias Patzak and Paul Vassu

Establishing the right ecommerce architecture is critical to ensure digital sales channels can support overall business strategy.  This paper lays out the decision process for ecommerce modernization, including tradeoffs and lessons learned.


Listen to retail thought leaders discussing the latest trends

Retail Rundown: The New Retail Culture of Innovation with Tom Litchford and Jeff Roster

In this RETHINK Retail podcast episode, host Jeff Roster and AWS's Tom Litchford explore the current state of retail and the critical role of cloud technology, understanding the post-pandemic shopper, and the new retail culture of innovation.

AWS Explains How the Cloud Helps Supply Chains

Supply & Demand Chain Executive's Link podcast interviews AWS's Tom Litchford to demystify the cloud and discuss how Amazon’s retail business inspired the creation of AWS.

AWS's Tom Litchford and the Amazon Technology Revolution

AWS is a guest on the Remarkable Retail podcast, where we cover the key benefits of cloud-computing, how AWS fits into the Amazon eco-system, why it takes a crisis for retailers to innovate, and why a culture of experimentation is so important.

Reference Architecture

Super Retail Group on AWS: Customer Story (14:11)
Nordstrom: Event-Sourced Serverless Architectures (13:21)
Zulily: A Compelling Suggestive Search Experience Using Amazon DocumentDB with MongoDB Compatibility (5:01)

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