Introducing AWS CloudWatch Events(Kent Weare、InfoQ,2 月 6 日)
“CloudWatch Events can also detect when services are provisioned, or terminated, including Amazon DynamoDB tables, Amazon SNS topic or Amazon SQS.”

CloudWatch Event+Lambda – Controlling cross region EBS Snapshot copies for regulated industries(Harish Ganesan,2 月 1 日)
“Now after the introduction of CloudWatch Events we have configured a rule that points to an AWS Lambda which gets triggered in near real time when snapshot is copied to destination AWS region.”

CloudWatch Events(Onur Salk,Wekanban,1 月 19 日)
“We were able to protect our production instances from being terminated using CloudWatch Events.”

Scheduling Events With The CloudWatch Event Console(Ryan S. Brown,Serverless Code,1 月 17 日)
“[CloudWatch Events] lets you build event-driven tools that handle actions like stopping EC2 instances as well as build schedules like UNIX’s cron system.”

Scheduling Lambda Functions with CloudWatch Events using the AWS CLI(Rowan Udell,1 月 16 日)
“With this update, we can now schedule Lambda functions from the CLI and APIs!”

Get Alerts For Expiring SSL Certificates(Ryan S. Brown,Serverless Code,1 月 16 日)
“When the stack is finished, you’ll need to add a CloudWatch event. CloudWatch just added support for scheduled events that can be connected to Lambda functions.”