AWS Database Migration Service (AWS DMS) helps you plan, assess, convert, and migrate databases and analytic workloads to AWS simply, securely, and at low cost. With AWS DMS, you can choose to use either on-demand instances or go serverless. AWS Database Migration Service Serverless automatically provisions and manages capacity.

With on-demand instances, you only pay for your replication instances and any additional log storage, and you pay by the hour used. Each database migration instance includes storage sufficient for swap space, replication logs, and data cache for most replications.

Serverless offers the flexibility and simplicity to migrate without the need to provision replication instances. With AWS DMS Serverless, you only pay for the capacity that is used. For homogeneous migrations, AWS DMS offers built-in native tooling for a seamless, cost-efficient migration with hourly pricing.

AWS DMS also includes built-in, free to use features to assist in planning your next migration with automated assessment and target recommendations using AWS DMS Fleet Advisor and schema conversions with AWS DMS Schema Conversion. Only pay for the Amazon S3 storage used.

Supporting a wide selection of popular databases and analytics engines as source and target endpoints, AWS DMS simplifies migrations under one service. Estimate your database and analytics migration costs to AWS using the AWS Pricing Calculator or request pricing assistance for further inquiries.

AWS Pricing Calculator

AWS Pricing Calculator for AWS Database Migration Service

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Free tier

As part of the AWS Free Tier, you can get started with AWS DMS for free. AWS DMS Free Tier includes up to 750 hours of Single-AZ dms.t2.micro instance usage each month for one year.

On-demand instances pricing

On-demand instances let you pay for database migration capacity by the hour with no long-term commitments. This frees you from the costs and complexities of planning, purchasing, and maintaining hardware, making the entire process quick and inexpensive.

AWS Database Migration Service also supports continuous data replication. You have the option of enabling Multi-AZ to provide a replication stream that is fault tolerant through redundant replication servers.

AWS Database Migration Service currently supports the T2, T3, C4, C5, C6i, R4, R5, and R6i instance classes:

  • T2/T3 instances are low-cost standard instances designed to provide a baseline level of CPU performance with the ability to burst above the baseline. They are suitable for developing, configuring, and testing your database migration process and for periodic data migration tasks that can benefit from the CPU burst capability.
  • C4, C5, C6i, R4, R5, and R6i instances are designed to deliver the highest level of processor performance and achieve significantly higher packet per second (PPS) performance, lower network jitter, and lower network latency. Use C6i or R6i instances to minimize the migration time of large databases.

T3 CPU Credits

Amazon DMS T3 replication instances run in Unlimited mode, which means that you will be charged if your average CPU utilization over a rolling 24-hour period exceeds the baseline of the instance. CPU Credits are charged at $0.075 per vCPU-Hour. The CPU Credit pricing is the same for all T3 instance sizes across all regions.

Serverless pricing

AWS DMS Serverless

With AWS DMS Serverless, you only pay for the capacity you use on a per-hour basis. AWS DMS Serverless automatically provisions optimal capacity and scales up or down based on data transaction volume.

In addition to migrations, you can choose to use AWS DMS Serverless for continuous data replication. You can also use DMS Serverless with a Single-AZ or Multi-AZ deployment option.

AWS DMS Serverless measures data-handling capacity in DMS Capacity Units (DCUs). One DCU equals 2GB of RAM. AWS DMS Serverless currently offers the following increments of DCU: 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 192, 256, and 384.

Homogeneous Data Migrations

With homogeneous data migrations, you pay by the hour only for the duration of the data migration. With no replication instances to provision, you do not need to worry about over- provisioning or manually scaling capacity, saving time and cost.

Storage costs

Each compute-optimized (C4) or memory-optimized (R4 and R5) instance type includes 100GB of GP2 network-attached storage for swap space, replication logs, and data cache; each burstable performance (T2 and T3) instance type includes 50GB of GP2 network-attached storage. You can extend the included storage and pay the following storage rates if you want to store logs for a longer period of time.

Except as otherwise noted, our prices are exclusive of applicable taxes and duties, including VAT and applicable sales tax. For customers with a Japanese billing address, use of AWS is subject to Japanese Consumption Tax.

Data transfer

All data transfer into AWS Database Migration Service is free, and data transferred between AWS Database Migration Service and databases in Amazon RDS and Amazon EC2 instances in the same Availability Zone also is free. Standard AWS data transfer rates apply when you migrate your source database to a target database in a different Availability Zone, Region, or outside of AWS. Standard AWS data transfer rates are listed on the EC2 instance pricing page.

AWS DMS Fleet Advisor cost

AWS DMS Fleet Advisor is a free, fully managed capability of Amazon Database Migration Service (AWS DMS). Only pay for the Amazon S3 storage used. DMS Fleet Advisor accelerates database and analytics migration planning by automating inventory and providing tailored migration advice.

AWS DMS Schema Conversion cost

AWS DMS Schema Conversion (AWS DMS SC) is a free-to-use, fully managed feature of AWS Database Migration Service (AWS DMS). Only pay for the Amazon S3 storage used. DMS Schema Conversion provides fast, secure, and simple schema assessment and conversion at scale under one fully managed service. Get started with DMS Schema Conversion.


Q: How much does AWS DMS cost?

The cost of AWS DMS varies based on the size of the data you are migrating. AWS DMS is an affordable, low-cost option to migrate your databases and analytics workloads. For on-demand instances, you pay for replication instances and any additional log storage. With serverless, you only pay for what is used on an hourly basis.

Here are some features you get for free by choosing the AWS Database Migration Service:

  • Database Transfers into AWS DMS
  • Database Transfers between DMS and Amazon RDS and Amazon EC2 (in the same AZ)
  • AWS Fleet Advisor, a feature that helps with planning your database migration process
  • AWS DMS Schema Conversion (AWS DMS SC) tool to help convert your database schemas as part of the migration process

You can also sign up for the AWS DMS Free Tier and use the service for up to 750 hours at a Single-AZ dms.t2.micro instance.

Q: How much does AWS DMS Schema Conversion cost?

AWS DMS Schema Conversion is free to use as a part of DMS. With AWS DMS Schema Conversion, you can assess and convert your database schema quickly, securely, and simply. Data is stored in your S3 bucket. Only pay for the S3 storage used.

Q: How much does AWS DMS Fleet Advisor cost?

AWS DMS Fleet Advisor is free to use as part of DMS. AWS DMS Fleet Advisor simplifies planning your next database and analytics migration by automatically inventorying your data sources and providing tailored migration recommendations, such as target endpoints. Data is stored in your S3 bucket. Only pay for the S3 storage used

Q: When to use AWS DMS?

AWS DMS is used to migrate databases and analytics workloads to AWS, whether it is a homogeneous migration or more complicated heterogeneous migration. AWS DMS is a fully managed service with features to support the end-to-end migration process, starting with AWS DMS Fleet Advisor to assist with inventorying your data sources and providing recommended target endpoints.

DMS Schema Conversion offers built-in, automated schema assessment and conversion, before initiating data migration with a few simple clicks. AWS DMS can be used for a one-time migration or continuous replication using DMS’ change data capture.

Q: Why use AWS DMS?

AWS DMS is a fast, secure, and low-cost solution used to migrate databases and analytics workloads to AWS with zero data loss and minimal downtime. As a fully managed service, AWS DMS takes away the complexities and manual effort in planning, assessing, converting, and migrating your workloads. Beginning your next migration is as simple as a few clicks in the DMS console. Get a free estimate or get started for free using AWS Free Tier.

Q: Is AWS DMS Serverless less expensive than on-demand instances?

Cost varies based on the volatility and volume of data being migrated. In general, AWS DMS Serverless is more cost effective than on-demand instances, as it auto-scales resources as needed to meet demand. With on-demand instances, you manually estimate, monitor, scale, or provision resources to peak demand.

Q. Do I have to pay for storage and data transfer with AWS DMS homogeneous migrations?

No. Because AWS DMS homogeneous migrations do not require replication instances, you do not need to pay for storage. You only pay for the usage of AWS DMS service on an hourly basis.

Q: How much does it cost to migrate a database using AWS DMS Serverless?

Migration cost varies based on the amount of data being migrated and the DCU set. The maximum DCU you select sets the maximum capacity DMS Serverless can use and also sets the price you are willing to spend per hour. The AWS Pricing Calculator can assist with a migration estimate.

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