AWS DMS Fleet Advisor

Accelerate database and analytics migration planning by automating inventory and receiving tailored migration advice

AWS DMS Fleet Advisor is a free, fully managed capability of AWS Database Migration Service (AWS DMS). It automates migration planning and helps you migrate database and analytics fleets to the cloud at scale with minimal effort. To accelerate migrations, AWS DMS Fleet Advisor automatically inventories and assesses your on-premises database and analytics server fleet and identifies potential migration paths. Fleet Advisor can also gather performance metrics and usage patterns of self-managed databases and combines this information with database license and feature information to recommend potential database engine and instance options for migration to AWS. DMS helps you confidently migrate your databases and analytics systems to AWS with virtually no downtime. 

AWS DMS Fleet Advisor discovers and analyzes the same source databases supported in AWS DMS, including Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and more. DMS Fleet Advisor delivers results in a few hours, instead of weeks or even months, without using third-party tools or hiring migration experts.


Build a migration plan in hours instead of weeks

Automatically build database and analytics inventories, analyze them, and create a customized migration plan with virtually no downtime in a few hours instead of weeks or months.

Save on costs associated with migration planning and migrating workloads

Avoid investing in expensive migration experts and third-party tools by automating your inventory and migration planning. Get started with just a few clicks in the AWS Management Console.

Identify databases to migrate at scale with minimal effort

Discover and analyze fleets of database and analytics servers to identify potential AWS migration targets and migrate your fleet to the cloud with minimal effort.

How it works

How AWS DMS Fleet Advisor works

Use cases

Achieve operationally excellent cloud migrations

Ensuring operational excellence during a cloud migration requires developing a detailed migration plan. With AWS DMS Fleet Advisor you can automatically inventory and analyze your on-premises workloads in detail to easily understand the required effort and organizational changes needed to develop a customized migration plan.

Modernize your data

Build a business case to modernize your database and analytics workloads with minimal effort with AWS DMS Fleet Advisor. Gain a simple view of your application’s applicable migration targets within AWS and understand the complexity of migrating to each target.

Build a proof of concept

Quickly build a proof of concept and begin testing the critical functionality of your applications by automatically inventorying and analyzing your existing database and analytics servers. Validate your migration and share findings as a report to quickly obtain stakeholder support.

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