Real-time operating system for resource-constrained devices

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How it works

FreeRTOS is an open-source, cloud-neutral real-time operating system that offers a fast, dependable, and responsive kernel. FreeRTOS is freely distributed under the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) open-source license and implemented in over 40 architectures, providing developers with a broad choice of hardware along with a set of prepackaged software libraries.

Diagram demonstrating how to securely connect to AWS services (such as AWS IoT Core or AWS IoT Greengrass) with FreeRTOS.

Use cases

Manage multiple commercial equipment tasks

FreeRTOS supports task scheduling across multiple identical processor cores, such as IoT-activated vending machines running video promotions and beverage selection tasks simultaneously.

Locally collect and process data

Collect data on industrial device system performance and take critical local actions in real time to prevent outages.

Update your devices remotely

Use AWS IoT Device Management with FreeRTOS devices for an integrated OTA update solution to securely maintain and update your devices.

How to get started

Start using FreeRTOS

Program connected microcontroller-based devices and collect data for IoT applications.

Explore features

Learn how FreeRTOS makes low-power devices easier to program, deploy, secure, connect, and manage.

Access qualified partner devices

Build and deliver successful IoT solutions on FreeRTOS.

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