From idea to IPO and beyond, Amazon Web Services is the infrastructure standard for education’s technology ecosystem. The AWS Cloud lets EdTechs build and launch solutions that help students learn every day. EdTech companies can start, grow, and optimize their business without the headaches of expensive infrastructure. The AWS Cloud matches the technology flexibility and agility needed to experiment with the scale to reliably serve students and manage district or university operations.

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If you’ve got a big idea for a company that can change education, AWS EdStart can help. AWS EdStart is a new program that helps educational technology startups build innovative teaching and learning solutions using the AWS Cloud. The program provides qualifying companies with AWS Promotional Credits, office hours, trainings, and community forums for startups dedicated to education.

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AWS EdStart

The AWS Cloud lets startups take advantage of a complete technology platform while running lean and staying agile. From day 1, AWS lets you build cutting-edge educational solutions and mobile apps, tap into a global infrastructure, and save precious dollars. See how scaled from zero to 20 million students in one week, inspiring students worldwide to start coding.

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Reduce costs with the AWS pay-as-you-go model. Your business can plan for growth or increased demands from seasonality. AWS gives you the option to budget according to your needs. With AWS pay-as-you-go model you can have assurance that capacity will be available to meet all of your users needs without having to overprovision or running the risk of not meeting demand. Estimate your cost savings by using our TCO calculator.

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Instructure reduces costs 25% using the AWS Cloud

Your business is up and running, and thousands of students are accessing your platform. Now what? The AWS Cloud offers even the most mature ed tech companies the power to optimize their solution for cost, security, fault tolerance, and improved performance. It’s like having a personalized cloud expert for your business. See how Instructure, the company behind the Canvas learning management system, used AWS tools to reduce their overall infrastructure cost by 25% in just six months.

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Educational technology companies are on the front lines when it comes to protecting student data security and compiling with government regulations for accessibility. With the AWS Cloud, your solution benefits from one of the most flexible and secure cloud computing environments available today.

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Schools, colleges and universities are treasure chests of learning content. Documents, lecture materials, video tutorials, and the big game - AWS helps you index documents and deliver static, streamed and dynamic content wherever students live and learn. On campus and remote students have the same experience with the AWS Cloud with reduced latency and high data transfer speeds. See how Coursera uses AWS to catalog over 2.5 million documents and reduce the time it takes for students to access their site.

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Choose from an affordable and secure set of cloud storage services for archiving documents, videos, and other key data.

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Easily deliver static, streaming, and interactive teaching content, including videos and documents, using a global network of edge locations.

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Rapidly deploy new features and automate releases using AWS, making IT teams more agile and efficient.

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No hardware to procure, no infrastructure to maintain and scale – just what you need to securely collect, store, process, and analyze student data and analytics.

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