Savings Plans

Save up to 72% with a flexible pricing model

Benefit from significant cost savings of up to 72% compared to On-Demand prices.

Easily reduce your bill as Savings Plans automatically and simultaneously apply to eligible AWS usage.

Innovate faster by using the newest instance families, generations, and Regions while continuing to save.

Maximize your savings by following AWS Cost Explorer Savings Plans recommendations.

작동 방식

절감형 플랜은 1년 또는 3년 시간당 지출 약정을 체결하는 것을 조건으로 온디맨드 가격 대비 결제 금액을 최대 72% 줄일 수 있는 유연한 요금 모델입니다. AWS는 컴퓨팅 절감형 플랜, EC2 인스턴스 절감형 플랜 및 Amazon SageMaker 절감형 플랜과 같은 3가지 절감형 플랜을 제공합니다.

Use cases

Save money on your steady-state usage

Reduce your compute bill for overall steady-state usage, regardless of instance family, Region, operating system, and tenancy.

Reduce costs by modernizing workloads

Optimize costs when migrating workloads to newer instances or modernizing your application with AWS Lambda and AWS Fargate.

Centralize and simplify cost management

Purchase Savings Plans in one AWS account and AWS will automatically apply it across your AWS organization.

How to get started

Discover how Savings Plans works

Learn more about how Savings Plans can reduce your bill.

Explore Savings Plans pricing

Learn more about Compute Savings Plans and EC2 Instance Savings Plans.

Start saving now

View recommendations for Savings Plans in AWS Cost Explorer based on your usage.

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