Compute and EC2 Instance Savings Plans

Savings Plans are a flexible pricing model that offer low prices on Amazon EC2, AWS Lambda, and AWS Fargate usage, in exchange for a commitment to a consistent amount of usage (measured in $/hour) for a 1 or 3 year term. When you sign up for a Savings Plan, you will be charged the discounted Savings Plans price for your usage up to your commitment. AWS offers two types of Savings Plans:

Compute Savings Plans

Compute Savings Plans provide the most flexibility and help to reduce your costs by up to 66%. These plans automatically apply to EC2 instance usage regardless of instance family, size, AZ, Region, OS or tenancy, and also apply to Fargate or Lambda usage. For example, with Compute Savings Plans, you can change from C4 to M5 instances, shift a workload from EU (Ireland) to EU (London), or move a workload from EC2 to Fargate or Lambda at any time and automatically continue to pay the Savings Plans price.

EC2 Instance Savings Plans

EC2 Instance Savings Plans provide the lowest prices, offering savings up to 72% in exchange for commitment to usage of individual instance families in a Region (e.g. M5 usage in N. Virginia). This automatically reduces your cost on the selected instance family in that region regardless of AZ, size, OS or tenancy. EC2 Instance Savings Plans give you the flexibility to change your usage between instances within a family in that region. For example, you can move from c5.xlarge running Windows to c5.2xlarge running Linux and automatically benefit from the Savings Plan prices.

Every type of compute usage has a Savings Plan rate and On Demand rate. Below you can see the Savings Plan rates and On Demand rates for every type of offering. You will be charged the Savings Plans rates on the committed usage and any usage beyond the commitment will be charged at regular On Demand rates.

*Only virtual u-type instances on Shared and Dedicated Instance tenancy can be covered by Savings Plans.

Notice: Red Hat is making an update to their cloud pricing model for Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL). On July 1, 2024 pricing for EC2 RHEL will change to a per-vCPU-hour based pricing model. Learn about the new prices in the RHEL on AWS Pricing page.

  • Compute Savings Plans applied to Amazon EC2 usage
  • Compute Savings Plans applied to AWS Fargate usage
  • The Compute Savings Plan discount for AWS Fargate only applies to the VCPU per hour and GB per hour (memory) dimension and not to the OS license fee – per vCPU per hour pricing dimensions. 

    For Windows Operating System on AWS Fargate, there is no ARM CPU Architecture option available.

  • Compute Savings Plans applied to AWS Lambda usage
  • EC2 Instance Savings Plans
  • *Only virtual u-type instances are covered by Savings Plans. U-type metal instances are not supported by savings plans.