“At Alfresco, we want to make document processing and content management as simple as possible for our customers. Since a document management system is only as good as its input, it is critical that we have the foundational tools that can automatically and accurately extract key information from digitized documents. Previously, we built custom solutions on top of OCR technology in order to extract data of interest, which required intensive manual training. This process consumed valuable time and resources, but it was work that had to be done. With Amazon Textract, we can now automatically extract not just the text in a document and table information, but real insights that allow us to automate data entry and facilitate faster business decisions. Amazon Textract is enabling us to provide greater data integrity, security compliance, and the ability to launch business processes faster than ever. And most importantly, all of this helps us better assist our customers in their digital transformation journey.”

John Newton, Chief Technology Officer & Founder - Alfresco


Cambia Health Solutions

Cambia Health Solutions is a total health solutions company and the parent company of six regional health plans, including Regence, an insurer serving 2.6 million members in Oregon, Idaho, Utah and Washington. Cambia is transforming the health care system to be more economically-sustainable and efficient for people and their families.

“Over the past 100 years Cambia has been dedicated to improving health care for people and their families. To help us achieve that goal, we’re always evaluating new innovations and opportunities to optimize care coordination. One area of focus is streamlining administrative processes that are time and labor intensive. We’re excited to explore Amazon Textract to help us automate the process of extracting valuable data from paper forms accurately and efficiently. The powerful combination of data science, A.I., and a person-focused approach is key to our mission of transforming the health care system”

Faraz Shafiq, Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer - Cambia Health Solutions


Change Healthcare

Change Healthcare is a leading independent healthcare technology company that provides data and analytics-driven solutions to improve clinical, financial and patient engagement outcomes in the U.S. healthcare system.

"At Change Healthcare, we believe that we can make healthcare affordable and accessible to all by improving the timeliness and quality of financial and administrative decisions. This can be achieved by the power of machine learning technology to understand more from our data. But unlocking the potential of this information can often be difficult as it's siloed in tables and forms that traditional optical character recognition hasn't been able to analyze. Amazon Textract further advances document understanding with the ability to retrieve structured data in addition to text, and now with the service becoming HIPAA compliant, we'll be able to liberate the information from millions of documents and create even more value for patients, payers, and providers.”

Nick Giannasi, EVP and Chief AI Officer - Change Healthcare



ClearDATA’s innovative platform of solutions and services protects customers from data privacy risks, improves their data management, and scales their healthcare IT infrastructure, enabling the industry to focus on making healthcare better by improving healthcare delivery, every single day.  

“It’s exciting to see AWS add their optical character recognition service powered by machine learning, Textract, to their list of HIPAA eligible services. A lot of medical data that is shared among payers and providers is locked in image-based files like PDFs. Instead of manually processing that kind of data, healthcare organizations can now use Amazon Textract service to extract medical data from files that previously have been non-machine readable. This brings an opportunity to integrate this data with their electronic health records, or other cloud technologies like Amazon Comprehend Medical which can identify protected health information in the dataset. This is just another step forward in increasing the opportunity to use these emerging technologies to improve access to data, get better insights, lower costs, and improve patient and member experiences.”

Matt Ferrari, Chief Technology Officer – ClearDATA

Cox Auto

Cox Automotive

“At Cox Automotive, we are looking to transform the way the world buys, sells, owns and uses cars. To further modernize our automotive solutions, we will be leveraging Amazon Textract to accelerate how quickly cars can be transacted. With Amazon Textract, we can automatically capture and validate data from documents and forms, such as loan applications or vehicle titles, so decisions can be made more quickly. This will reduce customer effort and further streamline the process for everyone involved from the manufacturer to the buyer.”

Bryan Landerman, Chief Technology Officer - Cox Automotive



Healthfirst is a not-for-profit managed care organization and one of the fastest growing health plans in New York with over 1.4M diverse members and a network of more than 35,000 providers and 4,500 employees.
“At Healthfirst, we are building data pipelines to turn scanned medical charts into useful clinical information to improve care coordination, drive quality outcomes, and ensure appropriate reimbursement for members under our coverage. We use Amazon Textract and Amazon Comprehend Medical to glean real value from unstructured data sources in an efficient way, resulting in revenue savings 10-20 times more than our usual downstream operation. By scaling up to analyze over 50,000 charts, we can find undocumented diagnoses and refer around 5,000 members for the care management they need.”

Steve Prewitt, Chief Analytics Officer - Healthfirst


Met Office

The Met Office is the UK’s national weather service, and is a world leader in providing weather and climate services.
"We hope to use Textract to digitize millions of historical weather observations from document archives. Making these observations available to science will improve our understanding of climate variability and change."

Philip Brohan, Climate Scientist - Met Office



"Roche's NAVIFY decision support portfolio provides solutions that accelerate research and enable personalized healthcare. With petabytes of medical PDF documents being generated in hospital systems every day, we needed a document extraction service to handle documents that have no standardized format. Amazon Textract provides the functionality to help us extract text from medical documents, so that we can then apply Natural Language Processing (NLP) to build a comprehensive, longitudinal view of patients, and enable both decision support and population analytics."

Ram Balasubramanian, Sr. Director of Software Engineering - Roche Diagnostics Information Solutions


The Globe and Mail

The Globe and Mail is a national icon and Canada’s most recognized media brand.
"As a news media company, we rely on many PDF or scanned-source documents such as FOIs (freedom of information requests) that have important information contained in tables that we previously couldn't access. These documents have been under-utilized because journalists were not able to access them easily or didn't know they existed. Using Amazon Textract, we are able to extract information from tables in PDFs and easily output that data to CSV and offer easy access to these documents by making them available for search queries by our journalists. This increases efficient access to information for our journalist by tenfold."

Michael O’Neill, Managing Director, Digital and Data Science - The Globe and Mail



Vidado is an AI-driven document digitization platform that has perfected data extraction in low quality, low resolution, and handwriting use cases. "Amazon Textract enables us to drive enterprise customers toward templateless form recognition while being able to process extremely difficult use cases, automating far more workflows and reducing the time it takes to put them into production."

Nowell Outlaw, CEO of Vidado 



Kablamo is one of Australia’s fastest growing digital product engineering specialists. "We work with our fintech and banking clients everyday to help them transform and digitise previously manual, labour-intensive processes. Since introducing Amazon Textract, we’ve been able to dramatically reduce labour and time for them by integrating traditional paper-based documents into automated workflows for tasks such as credit decisioning. Our clients can now automatically extract important information from scanned documents. We don’t have to adjust the process or create custom code every time there is a new one, because Textract works with a variety of different formats. We’ve seen clients move from processing dozens of documents in hours to hundreds of documents in minutes, all without needing any in-house machine learning expertise."

Angus Dorney, Co-CEO, Kablamo

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