Amazon QuickSight

Fast, easy to use business analytics at 1/10th
the cost of traditional BI solutions.

What is QuickSight?

Amazon QuickSight is a fast, cloud-powered business analytics service that makes it easy to build visualizations, perform ad-hoc analysis, and quickly get business insights from your data. Using our cloud-based service you can easily connect to your data, perform advanced analysis, and create stunning visualizations and rich dashboards that can be accessed from any browser or mobile device.

Amazon QuickSight Overview
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Amazon QuickSight Overview

Why QuickSight?

Get started quickly

Go from zero to analytics expert in minutes. Just log in, point to a data source, and create your first visualization in minutes. QuickSight suggests the best visualizations for your data using its innovative AutoGraph technology.

Answers in instants

You can import massive amounts of data from various data sources; our Super-fast, Parallel, In-memory, Calculation Engine (SPICE) works in the cloud to get you fast responses – just connect to your data, visualize and share.

Low cost

QuickSight is 1/10th of the cost of traditional BI solutions with no upfront investments, no expensive hardware to purchase or infrastructure to manage, and no additional license or maintenance fees.

See QuickSight in action

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QuickSight features


Choose your data source

You can upload CSV or Excel files; ingest data from AWS data sources such as Amazon Redshift, Amazon RDS, Amazon Aurora, Amazon Athena, Amazon S3, and Amazon EMR (Presto and Apache Spark); connect to databases like SQL Server, MySQL, and PostgreSQL, in the cloud or on-premises; or connect to SaaS applications like Salesforce. Future releases will let you ingest data from Amazon DynamoDB and Amazon Kinesis as well as other cloud applications.


SPICE – The Super-fast, Parallel, In-memory, Calculation Engine

Built from the ground up for the cloud, Amazon QuickSight’s Super-fast, Parallel, In-memory, Calculation Engine (SPICE) uses a combination of columnar storage, in-memory technologies enabled through the latest hardware innovations, machine code generation, and data compression to allow users to run interactive queries on large datasets and get rapid responses. SPICE supports rich calculations that help customers derive valuable insights from their analysis without ever having to worry about provisioning or managing infrastructure. SPICE automatically replicates data for high availability and also enables Amazon QuickSight to scale to thousands of users who can all simultaneously perform fast interactive analysis across a wide variety of AWS data sources.


Smart visualizations

Amazon QuickSight comes with a built-in suggestion engine that provides you with recommended visualizations based on the properties of the underlying datasets. Suggestions serve as possible first or next steps of an analysis and remove the time-consuming task of interrogating and understanding the schema of your data. As you drill in to your data, Amazon QuickSight provides the most appropriate graph types to visualize your data using AutoGraph, a collection of algorithms that learn over time the best visualizations that match your analytical patterns.


Use anytime, anywhere

Drill-down on your charts, graphs, and dashboards from your web browser or the QuickSight iPhone app. Look for Android and tablet support, including viewing in offline mode in future releases.

Download QuickSight for iPhone >>


Share and collaborate

QuickSight allows you to easily share business insights by packaging them up as interactive stories that you can share with others. Using the Story feature in QuickSight, you can combine visualizations into business dashboards and share in a secure manner with individuals or broad groups in your organization.


Get started for free and upgrade anytime

First user (USD/user/month) Free (1GB SPICE included) Free (1GB SPICE included)
Additional users (USD/user/month) $9 (10GB SPICE included)*
$18 (10GB SPICE included)*
Additional SPICE (/GB/month) $0.25 $0.38

*Requires annual subscription

Month-to-month option available:
Standard Edition is $12/user/month
Enterprise Edition is $24/user/month
Team Trial:
Free, 60 days, 4 users, Standard or Enterprise Edition


Keep in touch

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