End to end observability and cost monitoring for serverless applications on AWS

Gain rapid insight into serverless application performance, allowing you to remediate bottlenecks in real-time

Epsagon is a serverless monitoring tool that leverages distributed tracing and AI technologies to provide a comprehensive, end-to-end view of serverless applications. With Epsagon on Amazon Web Services (AWS), organizations gain rapid insight into application performance, allowing them to remediate bottlenecks within their environment, in real-time. The distributed tracing technology provides a visual representation of entire applications, with no manual input required by the organization.

This solution is supported by an AWS Marketplace listing and consulting offers crafted by AWS DevOps Competency Partners.

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    Solution highlights: ­

    • ­End-to-end visibility: Gain deep insights around cost and performance
    • ­Monitor beyond functions: Better understand all aspects of your applications, including health and status
    • ­No manual instrumentation: Allow Epsagon to perform all of the application monitoring and discovery
    • ­Real-time error notification: Respond to bottlenecks and reduce infrastructure costs in real time
    • ­Test out Epsagon with a 14-day free trial

    Key Features:

    • ­Automatic distributed tracing
    • ­Monitoring at the application level, including 3rd party APIs
    • ­Cost tracking
    • ­Visual debugging
    • ­Bottleneck detection

    AWS DevOps Competency Partners deliver serverless application management implementations, integrate relevant AWS services, and accelerate the ramp-up of new users. This solution was developed in collaboration with Epsagon, an APN Advanced Technology Partner and AWS DevOps Competency Partner.

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    Integrate the Epsagon library with your existing AWS Lambda functions and it will automatically build out a visual representation of your applications.

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    Epsagon offers both monthly and annual subscriptions, at varying tier levels based on your organization’s needs. Visit Epsagon’s pricing page to learn more about the subscription level that will best meet your requirements.

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