AWS CodeCommit

Securely host highly scalable private Git repositories and collaborate on code

5 active users free per month

with the AWS Free Tier

Remove the need to host, maintain, back up, or scale your own source control servers.

Customize user-specific access to your repositories with automatically encrypted files in transit.

Keep your repositories highly available and accessible with scalable, redundant, and durable architecture.

Maintain your repositories close to your build, staging, and production environments on AWS.

How it works

AWS CodeCommit is a secure, highly scalable, fully managed source control service that hosts private Git repositories.

Diagram showing how CodeCommit securely hosts Git repositories and helps developers collaborate on code with teammates.
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Use cases

Collaborate on code

Implement workflows that include code reviews and feedback by default, and control who can make changes to specific branches.

Use your existing tools

Keep using your preferred development environment plugins, continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) systems, and graphical clients.

Receive notifications and custom scripts

Get Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS) notifications for events impacting your repositories, and send notifications to create HTTP webhooks.

Create up to 5,000 repositories by default

Generate up to 25,000 additional repositories by request, and store and version any kind of file.

How to get started

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