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Amazon Web Services (AWS) is powering the future of telecommunications. Leading communications service providers (CSPs) run more workloads on AWS than any other cloud provider. By partnering with AWS, CSPs not only accelerate their data center consolidation and migration to the cloud, but monetize their path to 5G by offering customers next-generation capabilities in mobile edge computing and IoT. With a rich catalog of cloud-deployable partner solutions, AWS enhances the customer experience through machine learning and AI and accelerate business process automation to drive operational efficiency. Now, more than ever, CSPs can leverage the most advanced technologies on the market to create new revenue streams and focus on what sets their business apart.

Reinventing Cloud Native 5G Networks with AWS and DISH


Accelerate digital transformation and data center consolidation

Accelerate digital transformation and data center consolidation to optimize performance, lower IT costs, strengthen security posture, and free up investment capital.

Monetize the path to 5G with mobile edge computing and IoT

Leverage 5G and mobile edge computing to bring next-generation capabilities to smart devices and networks, enabling monetization of various IoT applications.

Enhance the customer experience with machine learning and AI

Improve the customer experience by providing exceptional service and personalized customer care enabled by machine learning/AI and predictive analytics.

Automate business processes to drive efficiency

Engage a rich catalog of technology partner solutions to automate critical business processes and drive operational efficiency.

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Cloud Migration

Secure migration to the cloud is a crucial first step in digital transformation. With the increasing number of mergers between CSPs, acquisitions of media and technology companies, and OTT providers cutting into profit margins, telecom providers are dealing with consolidation on a massive scale and need solutions to accelerate this transition and free up capital to invest in innovation.

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Internet of Things (IoT)

Telecommunications providers must deliver robust network solutions to enterprises and consumers alike that enable a seamless experience such as connected homes, autonomous vehicles, robotic surgery and advanced gaming at the mobile edge. To do this, CSPs are investing heavily in IoT and 5G edge use cases to promote their network as the best 5G experience on the market.

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Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Network outages can be extremely costly to a CSP and minimizing them is the key to success. In addition, predicting downtime, optimizing bandwidth usage, and resolving issues is more critical than ever. Machine learning and AI can help prevent issues, improve efficiency, create personalized experiences, and drive call center excellence.

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Business Applications

CSPs must navigate a complex technology landscape while migrating to the cloud. Many must maintain legacy systems to support current customers while preparing for the rollout of 5G, as well as optimizing business processes to fund innovation. Systems such as billing, provisioning, and network operations are critical to business continuity and customer satisfaction.

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Customer Spotlight

See how leading telecommunications companies are partnering with AWS to accelerate innovation, enhance customer experience, and monetize their business.

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Verizon Media

Learn how Verizon Media leverages AWS to handle large audience spikes with scalability in the cloud and deliver high-quality broadcasts to customers.

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Vodafone Germany

Vodafone Group, a worldwide operating telecommunications company, is reimagining the customer experience by broadening its offerings. Learn how Vodafone Germany turned to AWS and Amdocs, an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, to free its workforce from repetitive work and drive innovation for its customers.

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As 5G network capabilities entered the market and low-latency communication emerged, Ericsson needed to take those benefits to the edge to deliver high-value use cases for its enterprise customers. Learn how Ericsson uses AWS Outposts to bring low-latency capabilities directly to its customers.

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T-Mobile is on a journey of business transformation, building on AWS. Learn how that transformation has helped grow its customer base from 33 million subscribers in 2012 to 84 million subscribers today.

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BlueJeans by Verizon

Due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, BlueJeans by Verizon needed to support its customers' rapid transition to remote working. Leveraging AWS, BlueJeans at Verizon was able to connect five times more daily average users at peak usage.

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By building the cloud-native Amdocs CES20 software suite on AWS, the company can ensure it has the technology foundation it needs to provide a secure, scalable, and agile environment.

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Videos & Webinars

AWS on Air 2020: Industry Live Telecommunications (30:25)

Geeta Chaudhary, Director, Telecom Professional Services does a year in review that walks through regional successes from 2020 supporting Telecom strategic pillars. It will be a journey through various case studies and digital transformations inclusive of AI/ML, IoT, Edge Cloud, Network evolution and our GTM partnerships with major Telecoms to monetize 5G.

AWS on Air 2020: Voice of the Customer – T-Mobile (21:27)

AWS On Air host Nick Walsh, Sr Developer Advocate and Heather Nolis, AI Development Lead, T-Mobile discuss how the best AI/ML applications of machine learning occur when algorithms augment human activities instead of replacing them. That’s the case with T-Mobile, which has deployed machine learning to help contact center agents better serve customers. Nolis and her team built machine learning models that sit between a care agent and the customer, scanning previous customer interactions and serving up relevant information to the care agent to help them quickly address the customer’s issue.

Connecting the World of Tomorrow, Today, with 5G Edge Cloud: Verizon and AWS (25:10)

5G is more than just mobile bandwidth for communication services providers (CSPs). By combining 5G with AWS edge cloud services, its easier than ever to deliver 10x the speed of 4G and power emerging use cases like live video event streaming, smart cars and cities. Listen to Verizon’s Srinivasa Kalapala, VP Technology Strategy, and Dave Brown, VP EC2 AWS, discuss how 5G is enabling a complete Industrial 4.0 revolution.

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