Telecom Case Studies


Comcast Case Study

Comcast, the world's largest cable company and the leading U.S. provider of high-speed Internet and voice services, uses AWS in a hybrid environment to innovate and deploy features for its flagship video product, XFINITY X1, several times a week instead of once every 12-18 months under its old architecture.

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Vodafone Foundation Case Study

By running the DreamLab application on AWS, Vodafone Australia has been able to support almost 60,000 downloads of the app and expects the number to increase to more than 100,000 without impacting performance. DreamLab is an initiative by Vodafone Foundation Australia, which seeks ways for mobile technology to improve the health of Australians. The DreamLab application, built by b2cloud, aims to expedite cancer research at Garvan Institute of Medical Research.

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Vodafone Italy Case Study

Vodafone Italy wanted a secure solution that would make it easy for its customers to buy credit for mobile phone SIM cards. Working with AWS Partner Storm Reply, Vodafone created a compliant, secure solution on AWS that can scale to handle thousands of daily transactions while reducing capital expenditures by 30%.

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Boingo Wireless Case Study

Boingo Wireless uses AWS to run analytical queries in 25 seconds instead of 45 minutes, load one million data records in 20 seconds instead of two hours, and scale compute resources 20 times faster. Boingo Wireless provides mobile Internet access at more than one million Wi-Fi hotspots across the globe. The company runs its big-data warehouse and dev/test environments on AWS, and uses Amazon Redshift to ingest multiple terabytes of analytical data from different sources.

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Twilio Wireless Case Study

Twilio uses AWS to deploy an average of 30 features a day and maintain 99.999% availability. Twilio provides a communications platform as a service to customers like Uber, Netflix, and Airbnb. Twilio is all in on AWS to power its cloud-scale communication apps globally. Cofounder, CEO, and Chairman Jeff Lawson spoke onstage at re:Invent 2016.

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TCL Communication Case Study

TCL Communication wanted to introduce a new firmware update service, FOTA, to allow mobile phone users in more than 100 countries to upgrade their phones using the Internet. By using AWS, the China-based company is able to deliver FOTA to customers at near 100 percent availability, and at 10 times less the cost of a traditional data center.

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Impossible Software Case Study

Impossible Software is using AWS to provide a scalable global platform that allows its customers to render hundreds of personalized videos per second. The company provides a web-based video-rendering service, so customers can produce videos to convey unique information or marketing messages to thousands of their own customers. Impossible Software uses AWS for its editing, rendering, and logging environments, taking advantage of services including Amazon EC2, Amazon S3, and Amazon DynamoDB.

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Symsoft Case Study

Symsoft can deploy its telecommunications solutions 30 percent faster with AWS. The Swedish firm provides cloud-based services and software solutions to mobile network operators in more than 40 countries, with millions of end users. Symsoft uses Amazon EC2 and Amazon RDS instances to support its cloud-based platform deployments.

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Vocus Communications Case Study

Vocus Communications developed a data-analytics platform 75 percent faster by using AWS and engaging APN Partner Bryte Systems. Vocus is a telecommunications company in Australia delivering a range of services, including broadband internet. The company has built an analytics platform that features Amazon S3, Amazon EMR, and Amazon Redshift to deliver real-time business insights—designed to improve customer experience, reduce churn, and leverage new business opportunities.

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Burda Studios Case Study

BurdaStudios delivers news 75 percent faster by using AWS technologies, supporting its leading celebrity website. is the most popular gossip portal in German-speaking Europe, attracting up to 35 million visits a month. By using a microservices architecture based on Amazon ECS and AWS Lambda, the website easily scales to cope with double the traffic during high-profile news events such as royal marriages or celebrity deaths.

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ViaSat Case Study

Viasat built a business-critical data-ingestion platform using AWS, adopting Amazon EBS st1 volumes for optimal I/O performance and simplified storage management. Viasat is a satellite-communications provider that connects residential customers, flight passengers and crews, and military operations across the globe to the internet through trusted communications ground services, infrastructure, and personnel. The company runs Apache Kafka on Amazon EC2 using Amazon EBS storage.

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Yellow New Zealand Case Study

Using AWS, Yellow New Zealand drives development while scaling its products to support millions of searches without the expense of an on-premises IT infrastructure. Yellow New Zealand connects businesses with consumers across multiple platforms, including mobile. The company uses AWS CloudFormation to develop its product code and Amazon ECS to automate the release of new product features. Amazon Elasticsearch Service enables customers to quickly access details for business services, with Amazon ElastiCache helping frequently searched data appear more quickly.

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Netflix Case Study

Netflix is a leading Internet television network with over 57 million members in nearly 50 countries. The company uses AWS to deliver billions of hours of content per month to users worldwide and run its analytics platform. By using AWS, Netflix can operate a 10 PB data ‘warehouse’ to measure and understand its users’ streaming experience.

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Foursquare Case Study

Foursquare uses AWS to perform analytics across millions of daily check-ins, saving licensing fees and enabling the company to redeploy its dev/ops staff on more strategic work. Foursquare is a technology company that informs business decisions through a deep understanding of location intelligence. Foursquare uses Amazon Redshift, Amazon Simple Storage Service, AWS Direct Connect, and Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud to support and analyze hundreds of millions of application logs each day.

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Mahindra Satyam Case Study

When Mahindra Satyam needed a way to share and manage documents for one of its clients, a top three global pharmaceutical company, it turned to AWS for a solution. Using various AWS products and services, including Amazon EC2, Mahindra Satyam delivers a secure, reliable, and effective result.

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Senao International Case Study

Migrating its POS and CRM systems to the AWS Cloud has enabled Senao International to automate 63 percent of systems maintenance, better manage security protocols, and eliminate downtime. Senao International is the leading provider of wireless phones, accessories, and mobile calling plans in Taiwan. The company uses Amazon EC2 to power its new e-commerce site and CRM platform, Amazon RDS to manage databases, and AWS Lambda to automate control of its AWS WAF firewall.

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Hitachi Case Study

Hitachi is a multinational conglomerate that helps enterprises manage their hybrid cloud infrastructure running on AWS with services such as IT consulting, architecting and development services, technical support, and SaaS enablement. Since 2013, Hitachi has trained more than 200 of its Solution Architects to improve how they support its customers' cloud deployments. As a result, Hitachi's Solution Architects can now be involved in more aspects of the company, including interacting with customers, being involved with sales cycles, and supporting expansion of the business.

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DigitalGlobe Case Study

Using AWS Snowmobile, DigitalGlobe is able to deliver petabytes of data in weeks instead of months while saving on costs, allowing the company to deliver data to its customers in the shortest possible amount of time. DigitalGlobe is one of the world’s leading providers of high-resolution Earth imagery, data and analysis. The company uses AWS Snowmobile to move up to 70 petabytes of archive data to the cloud, allowing it to move away from large file transfer protocols and delivery workflows.

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Myriad Group Case Study

Myriad Group is a French-Swiss software company that develops white-labeled cellphone software as well as Versy, a social networking application it markets directly to Latin American consumers. The company consolidated 16 different legacy IT systems into one on AWS. By using AWS, it was able to launch a new version of Versy with just 12 people—instead of the 120 it would have required in the past—while growing its customer user base nearly five-fold in one year.

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