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AWS—the best place to build modern applications

As organizations look to increase the pace of innovation and build new customer experiences, modernizing how you build and operate applications is key. From enterprise software controlling back-office operations to market-facing applications that become the main connection point with customers, applications are the driving force behind every successful organization.

Built with the latest technologies, modern applications are the solution for development organizations to innovate faster, improve performance, security, and reliability, all while lowering their total cost of ownership.

Technologies like serverless and containers running on the latest processors in the cloud or at the edge, are the keys to fast, secure modern applications that meet even the most challenging business demands. Here are two primary pathways to start modernization:

Why build modern applications on AWS?

Speed to market icon

Speed to market

Organizations can gain a competitive advantage by speeding up build cycles. Deliver reliable products and user experiences faster and cheaper while offloading operational overhead to AWS.

Vanguard increased speed to market of microservices from three months to 24 hours

Orangetheory used Amplify Video to reduce development time from a week to an hour

Improve scalability icon

Improve scalability

AWS modern applications services enable you to architect applications that scale reliably, increase performance, and maintain security as you grow. With services like AWS Lambda, which processes over one trillion functions per month, AWS can help you operate at any scale you need.

Coca-Cola launches and scales touchless fountain experience to 10,000 machines in 150 days.

Build better applications by default icon

Build better applications by default

AWS Serverless services include best practices by default including cross-availability zone replication and security isolation, so you can take advantage of more AWS best practices effortlessly.

Toyota Connected reimagines mobility at scale on AWS


Run applications anywhere icon

Run applications anywhere

AWS simplifies the process of running Kubernetes and containers in any environment using consistent tooling, making it easier to build applications that meet latency, availability, or residency requirements.

3dEYE reduces deployment time for new customers by 90% using Amazon ECS Anywhere

Lower your total cost of ownership icon

Lower your total cost of ownership

AWS modern application services take on more of the day-to-day operational overhead so you can redirect precious resources to value-added activities. Additionally, AWS serverless services deliver a pay-for-value billing model, never pay for over-provisioning, and benefit from resource utilization that is automatically optimized for you.

Reduce app development costs by 68 percent and lower your TCO with AWS

Modern application pathways

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