Automate to innovate

Knowledge and time are powerful yet limited resources in game development. Imagine if you could dedicate more to creating experiences that entertain every player. Better yet: imagine if you could automate aspects of it and focus on making your game even more innovative? With AWS Machine Learning solutions, you can detect and predict patterns in game data, automate manual workflows to action data-driven decisions faster, and discover new ways to innovate on your player's behalf.

Turn 'What If?' into 'What's Next?'

Predict player behavior

Stay steps ahead of what your players want most. Use Amazon SageMaker’s built in and custom algorithms to predict future trends like churn and lifetime value.

Detect and prevent cheating

Streamline fraud detection and keep games fair. Use K-means clustering algorithms from Amazon SageMaker to track and spot anomalies with in-game interactions.

Translate text to voice

Use natural language processing to translate text into voice with Amazon Polly. Combine with Amazon Lex to create intelligent chatbots.

Automate image analysis

Use Amazon Rekognition to analyze and process imagery fast. Detect and moderate 100,000 pictures of objects, scenes, and faces, every second.

Experiment to optimize

Test gameplay variations on small player sets to see game metrics climb. Use AWS Lambda and Amazon ElastiCache to host and perform multi-armed bandit algorithms with player segments.

Automated play testing

Build customized algorithms with Amazon SageMaker to find bugs faster than the human eye.

Transcribe voice

Caption and subtitle spoken voice. Transcribe voice to text with Amazon Transcribe.
Be proactive and prevent trends before they happen.


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