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Explore sample industry and domain specific analytics built by Amazon QuickSight customers. Contact us to help you get started with your own.

Solutions by Industry and Domain

Amazon Quicksight retail dashboard


See how retail store managers and executives can get a 360-degree view of sales performance.

Amazon Quicksight healthcare dashboard


Deliver better care by streamlining allocation based on physician performance and services offered.

Amazon Quicksight manufacturing dashboard


See how manufacturers and service providers take control of processes, reduce mistakes, and improve work quality.

Amazon Quicksight IoT dashboard


Gain visibility into the performance metrics of your IoT devices and sensors.

Amazon Quicksight education dashboard
K12 Force


View budget, revenue, and expenditure allocation across school levels and functions.

Amazon Quicksight education dashboard


See SAT score assessment and college readiness for students by specific demographic categories.

Amazon Quicksight insurance dashboard


Understand how the Property and Casualty insurance division performs against goal.

Amazon Quicksight utility dashboard
Belle Fleur


See how to resolve customer electricity generation and demand issues by forecasting based on historical data.

Amazon Quicksight JP Retail dashboard
K12 Force

Retail (Japanese)

Understand the common visualizations used by retailers in Japan for analyzing product sales and e-commerce customer review.

Finance dashboard
K12 Force


Gain insights into US mutual fund and ETF performance.

Finance dashboard
K12 Force

Diversity, Equality and Inclusion

Understand how diversity, education, and inclusion impact healthcare, household worth, food security, and education using data from AWS Data Exchange.

Finance dashboard
K12 Force

Retail eCommerce

Gain customer and agent level insights to enhance call center operations.

Amazon Quicksight JP Retail dashboard
K12 Force


Gain visibility into energy utilization, capacity utilization, quality, damage product rate and operational efficiency for manufacturing plants.

Solutions for AWS Cost Management and Optimization

Cost Intelligence dashboard

Cost Intelligence Dashboard

Create the foundation of your own AWS cost management and optimization tool with features such as billing summary for chargeback and a single view of benefits from your Reserved Instances and Savings Plans.

CUDOS dashboard


In-depth, granular, and recommendation-driven dashboard to dive deep into AWS cost and usage and to fine-tune efficiency with features such as resource-level granularity and service-level alerts.

Trusted Advisor Organizational View dashboard

Trusted Advisor Organizational View

Provides comprehensive details and trends across your entire AWS Organization's Trusted Advisor reports including optimization, security checks, and more.

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