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Taking the first steps as you start building on the cloud can seem overwhelming. Adjusting to a cloud-native approach can take time, especially if you are accustomed to the traditional on-premises way of provisioning hardware and building applications. Gaining familiarity with core concepts of cloud computing and the AWS Cloud will help give you confidence as you begin your cloud journey. In the following sections, we answer common questions about cloud computing and explore best practices for building on AWS.  

Next steps

You can start building on AWS right away using the AWS Free Tier and our library of hands-on tutorials and getting started guides.

  • Launch your first app
  • AWS provides building blocks that you can assemble quickly to support virtually any workload. With AWS, you’ll find a complete set of highly available services that are designed to work together to build sophisticated scalable applications.
    To get started, pick one of the following topics for a step-by-step tutorial to get you up and running in less than 30 minutes, or visit the AWS Developer Center to explore other tutorials.
  • AWS Free Tier
  • The AWS Free Tier allows you to gain hands-on experience with a broad selection of AWS products and services. Within the AWS Free Tier, you can test workloads and run applications to learn more and build the right solution for your organization.

    Explore the Free Tier
    Explore more than 100 products and start building on AWS using the Free Tier. Three different types of free offers are available depending on the product used. Click an icon below to explore our offers.

    The AWS Free Tier
    Free trials

    Short-term free trial offers start from the date you activate a particular service 

    12 months free
    12 months free

    Enjoy these offers for 12 months following your initial sign-up date to AWS

    always free
    Always free

    These free tier offers do not expire and are available to all AWS customers

    Note: The sign-up process requires a credit card, which will not be charged until you start using services. There are no long-term commitments and you can stop using AWS at any time.

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