Amazon RDS Custom

Managed database services for applications that require operating system and database customization

How it works

Amazon RDS Custom is a managed database service for applications that require customization of the underlying operating system and database environment. Benefits of RDS automation with the access needed for legacy, packaged, and custom applications.

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Use cases

Run legacy, custom, and packaged business applications

Amazon RDS Custom allows businesses with applications that need customization of the underlying operating system and databases that support them while getting all the time-saving, durability, and scalability benefits of a managed database service.

Build web and mobile applications

Amazon RDS Custom is architected to host web and mobile applications that are built to operate at large scale and need high throughput, massive scalability, and highly available databases through a flexible pay-per-usage pricing model, which fits the variable usage patterns of these applications.

Develop ecommerce applications

Amazon RDS Custom offers push-button scaling to handle variable website traffic with minimal latency and fast performance for optimal response times and conversion, allowing the business to effectively manage customer data, transactions, and product catalogs.

How to get started

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