Get insights from data in seconds without having to manage data warehouse infrastructure

Amazon Redshift Serverless (preview) is a serverless option of Amazon Redshift that makes it easy to run and scale analytics in seconds without the need to set up and manage data warehouse infrastructure. With Redshift Serverless, any user—including data analysts, developers, business professionals, and data scientists—can get insights from data by simply loading and querying data in the data warehouse.

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Get insights from data more easily

Amazon Redshift Serverless automatically provisions and manages the underlying infrastructure for running analytics workloads so you can focus on getting insights from data.

Deliver consistently high performance

Automatically scale data warehouse capacity in seconds to deliver fast performance for even the most demanding and unpredictable workloads.

Optimize costs

Save costs by automatically scaling up capacity when busy, and scaling back down when not—you only pay for what you use. Easily manage your spend with granular cost controls.

How it works

How Redshift data sharing works

Use Cases

Variable and sporadic workloads

Scale resources seamlessly as workload demands change or spike with traffic. Amazon Redshift Serverless uses machine learning (ML) techniques to maintain consistent performance.

Development and test environments

Spin up a development and test environment quickly, easily, and economically to get your products to market faster.

Ad-hoc business analytics

Perform what-if analyses, anomaly detection, and ML-based forecasting and get fast, actionable insights from your data.



Roche is the largest pharmaceutical company in the world and the leading provider of cancer treatments globally.

“Amazon Redshift Serverless helps us complete our data management without having to manage clusters and optimizes our cost by provisioning just the right amount of capacity to meet demand. Amazon Redshift Serverless is reducing the operational burden, lowering costs, and enabling scale for the Roche Go-to-Market domain. This simplification is a game changer, helping us rapidly onboard and support a variety of analytics-heavy use cases without friction.”

Dr. Yannick Misteli, Lead Cloud Platform & ML Engineer - Roche


Sedric is an AI risk & compliance excellence platform designed for the new generation of fintech.

“Ease of use and self-service data access is key for our analytics initiatives. With Amazon Redshift Serverless, we don’t have to think about managing the data warehouse. Data from Amazon S3 gets loaded 7x faster than our previous solution, helping us get actionable insights from the millions of customer events loaded. We are thrilled with the performance improvements and cost optimizations we are seeing with Amazon Redshift Serverless.”

Tomer Levi, Vice President of R&D - Sedric

Get started with Amazon Redshift Serverless (preview)

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