AWS Elemental MediaPackage

Prepare and protect video for internet delivery

Package and distribute your content to a broad range of video playback devices.

Automatically manage resources across multiple Availability Zones, and detect and resolve issues without disrupting streams.

Configure a DVR-like experience for viewers and support a range of digital rights management (DRM) providers.

Integrate with the Amazon CloudFront content delivery network (CDN) and AWS Elemental MediaLive.

How it works

AWS Elemental MediaPackage prepares, protects, and distributes your video content to a broad range of connected devices. The service can take a single video input from an encoder such as AWS Elemental MediaLive, package it in multiple streaming formats, and automatically scale outputs in response to audience demand.
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Why AWS Elemental MediaPackage?
MediaPackage delivers high-quality video without concern for capacity and makes it easier to implement popular DVR features such as start over, pause, and rewind. Your content will be protected with comprehensive support for DRM. The service seamlessly integrates with other AWS media services as a complete set of tools for cloud-based video processing and delivery.
Why AWS Service Catalog?
Create, organize, and govern a curated catalog of AWS resources that can be shared at the permissions level so you can quickly provision approved cloud resources without needing direct access to the underlying AWS services.

Use cases

Live stream on AWS

Combine multiple AWS media services and Amazon CloudFront with just a few clicks.

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Create an origin for VOD libraries

Provide timely packaging and integration with third-party DRM providers through the Secure Packager and Encoder Key Exchange (SPEKE) API.

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Configure CDN authorization

Protect your content from unauthorized use and from attackers bypassing the CDN to directly access content.

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