AWS Certification exam vouchers

Signal the value of skills advancement by funding AWS Certifications with exam vouchers

Supporting your team in getting AWS Certified can help you meet your goals to build faster, improve security, reduce downtime, improve deployment time, and innovate with AWS services.1 Set a goal for certification in your organization and kick start cloud learning by providing exam vouchers to team members.

What IT leaders say about having AWS Certified staff:1


increased productivity


improved the security of cloud workloads


increased innovation


improved cloud-focused staff retention

Benefits of AWS Certification exam vouchers

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Manage budget strategically and unlock automatic volume-based discounts.

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Get insight into team progress.

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Set goals to empower your team.

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Explore tips and resources from AWS Training and Certification to help your team prepare for an AWS Certification exam.

1 Source: ESG Research Insights Paper Commissioned by AWS, Understanding the Value of AWS Certifications to Organizations, October 2020.