Embrace the Future with Intelligent Supply Chain Solutions from AWS

Born from running one of the largest, most successful retailers in the world, AWS understands retail and how to transform retail supply chains. We offer the broadest set of purpose-built, scalable data and ML-based services to help retailers capture intelligent insights, optimize supply chain operations, and automate end-to-end execution to achieve unmatched efficiency and resiliency.

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Supply chains engineered for the future

With intelligent supply chain solutions from AWS, you get the power to innovate and streamline your supply chain to keep all your moving parts connected and optimized.

Transform demand planning

Demand planning plays a critical role in supply chain efficiency. With AWS, you can leverage advanced ML tools to capture and analyze data from every source and create forecasts that are consistently accurate and up to date.

Build next-gen warehouse operations

Warehouse operations form the core of your supply chain, fulfilling the orders that keep your customers satisfied. Optimize your warehouse systems using advanced cloud tools and applications from AWS designed for retailers.

Gain end-to-end visibility across your supply chain

With customers increasingly moving between all your channels, AWS empowers you to easily integrate your digital channels and physical stores—helping you deliver a consistent brand experience across a range of customer touchpoints.

Take the next step with intelligent supply chains solutions

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  • Use Cases - Gain full visibility and transparency

    Gain full visibility and transparency

    Connect all your data and use AI/ML to drive smart supply chain decisions.

    End-to-end inventory visibility

    Knowing the status and location of every piece of inventory is key to making decisions. With AWS, retailers can leverage a modern architecture that moves and stores data in real time for constant accuracy.

    Track and trace of customer shipments

    Retailers need to respond to a growing number of recall incidents. AWS enables you to retain historical information about products throughout the supply chain, so you can alert customers if a recall arises.

    Supplier score-carding

    Know your trusted suppliers. With AWS, retailers can measure on-time, in-full (OTIF) orders received to ensure quality, allowing you to hold suppliers accountable using quantified metrics.

    Measure and improve product safety compliancy

    It can be difficult for retailers to ensure products meet industry regulations for safety. Intelligent supply chain solutions from AWS enable you to collaborate with suppliers to verify compliance and help reduce product safety recalls.

    Measure and improve sustainability

    Consumers are pushing retailers to increase their sustainability efforts—but these efforts can be costly. Leverage environmentally friendly cloud computing, robotics, and power sources for the warehouse from AWS to increase consumer satisfaction and brand loyalty.

    Transportation visibility

    Gain complete, accurate, and real-time data insights from your transportation ecosystem to proactively manage short-term challenges and optimize long-term supply chain strategies. With AWS solutions, retailers can increase collaboration with stakeholders and automate instant event alerts along the way.

  • Use Cases - Optimize supply chain operations

    Optimize supply chain operations

    Use intelligent insights to forecast demand, maximize inventory, and collaborate with trading partners to optimize your capacity.

    Accurate demand forecasting

    Inaccurate demand forecasting can lead to overbuying and markdowns, or underbuying and stock-outs—both are bad for business. Create the most accurate forecasts to satisfy customer demand with ML-based services from AWS and maximize resource usage.

    Better demand sensing and shaping

    Forecasts that rely solely on historical data don’t account for unplanned events, leading to inaccuracies. With AWS, retailers can leverage alternative data sources for sensing and shaping demand and update forecasts more often.

    Forecast collaboration with suppliers

    Forecasting in a vacuum can lead to inaccuracies. AWS enables retailers to easily share data with suppliers to reach a more accurate consensus forecast.

    Optimize sourcing decisions and reduce cost

    With intelligent insights solutions from AWS, retailers can work closely with merchandisers to consider scorecards, costs, time, and value when selecting suppliers—providing customers the products they want while keeping costs low.

    Optimized purchase orders and collaboration

    AWS helps retailers consolidate suppliers and POs for those suppliers to streamline operations and ensure you are always achieving the best rates—lowering costs for purchasing products.

    Reducing expedites and freight spend

    Anticipate and avoid delays with advanced inventory tracking and supply collaboration from AWS. When expedites are necessary, choose the most cost-effect mode of transportation to keep costs low without impacting in-stock levels.

    Improve inventory turns and reduce inventory holding costs

    Inventory that sits incurs costs and provides no revenue. Increase turns by more efficiently handing replenishment and allocation using AWS solutions, so you can maximize the return on your investment.

  • Use Cases - Automate end-to-end execution

    Automate end-to-end execution

    Integrate robotics and automation to eliminate manual tasks and ensure perfect execution.

    Improve receiving and put-away operations

    Getting products available to sell quickly, either in the warehouse or in stores, is important for inventory turnover. Speed receiving and reduce labor with automation and robotics technologies from AWS.

    Support B2B, B2C, and DTC fulfillment models

    With AWS, retailers can improve warehouse efficiency by supporting omnichannel operations—like B2B, B2C, and direct-to-consumer (DTC)—at same location.

    Improve pick-pack-ship operations

    Whether in your warehouses or stores, picking and packing items for shipment is labor intensive and mistake prone. Automate operations using robotics, voice picking, pick-to-light, and wave picking solutions from AWS to reduce labor costs while maintaining accuracy.

    Support micro-fulfillment

    Picking items for in-store fulfillment, especially for grocery retailers, can be disruptive to customer shopping. Micro-fulfillment adds automation to store backrooms to optimize fulfillment processes for faster, more accurate picking without impacting shoppers.

    Improve warehouse space and labor utilization

    The inefficient use of space and labor raises costs. Automate the movement of products inside your warehouses with robotics solutions from AWS to increase efficiency, reduce labor costs, and allow for greater usage of space.

    Carrier management and selection

    Rather than using a single carrier, select the most cost-effective carrier per order to meet your customers’ needs with real-time shipping estimates.

    Automate with robotics and sensors

    Robotics can sometimes breakdown. AWS enables retailers to take an active approach to machinery failures with predictive IoT monitoring, allowing you to reduce both labor costs and automation failures.

    Last-mile delivery

    The most expensive part of the delivery process is the last mile. AWS provides last-mile delivery options—from delivery partners to traditional carriers—to help retailers reduce costs.

Customer success stories with retail supply chain solutions on AWS

bizzy digital
Leading Indonesian B2B ecommerce platform increases data streaming by 25% to meet soaring user demand on AWS.
More Retail
Top grocery retailer in India uses Amazon Forecast to improve its forecasting accuracy and increases gross profit by 25%.
Nu Skin
Nu Skin Enterprises leverages machine learning solutions from AWS to improve inventory forecasting.

Partner solutions

Discover the latest AWS Partner solutions to help you accelerate your supply chain innovations through the AWS Partner Network Retail Competency and AWS Marketplace.

Accenture has been named a leader in three IDC MarketScape supply chain vendor assessments, supporting customers across the whole supply chain from initial design through to ongoing operations.
Deloitte helps customers imagine, deliver, and run supply networks to address tomorrow's challenges and opportunities across the value chain.
The Infosys retail practice implements advanced supply chain applications to manage the flow of a wide assortment of products from the point of order to fulfillment.
Plantensive helps customers implement and optimize dynamic and reliable supply chain, retail planning, and category management solutions to meet demand efficiently and build network resiliency.
enVista’s platform enables omnichannel companies to leverage a single solution to rapidly unify commerce, optimize customer engagement, and deliver an exceptional brand experience.
The LEA Reply™ is a suite of business microservices for inventory, warehousing, distribution, delivery, point-of-sales activities, and end-to-end visibility.
An industry-leading supply chain technology powered by LLamasoft (Coupa Software) helps customers rapidly respond to supply chain disruptions and continually optimize performance with data-driven decisions.
Infor® Supply Chain Management solutions deliver intelligent, real-time supply chain orchestration by digitalizing end-to-end supply chain processes for data-driven decision making.

Aptos Supply Chain Management optimizes partner communications in a single cloud-based, web- and mobile-accessible environment to optimize coordination and efficiency throughout the supply chain.

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