The Accenture AWS Business Group (AABG) combines the capabilities and services required to help accelerate your adoption of the AWS Cloud. Through the Accenture AWS Business Group, Accenture and AWS are jointly committed to help you transform organizational processes and skills, adopt a cloud-first strategy to innovate new products and services, operate securely at global scale, and quickly achieve business results.


The Accenture AWS Business Group helps clients successfully transition to the cloud by providing cloud strategy, migration-at-scale, big data analytics delivered as a service, and innovative IoT solutions, leveraging the latest and best technologies, tools, and methodologies from both companies.

To address the needs of customers looking to accelerate their journey to the cloud, the Accenture AWS Business Group delivers capabilities focused on cloud strategy, architecture, migration-at-sale, application optimization and development, and managed services. The emphasis is on leveraging automation and tooling to help customers move fast, while maintaining or improving the security and reliability that they have achieved to date. Specifically, the Transformation Services offering covers the spectrum of migration patterns, including highly automated lift-and-shift, re-platforming for compatibility, and optimization for scale and elasticity, and even new, cloud-native application development. We are able to achieve scale and cost efficiencies for these migrations through Accenture’s Migration and Application Factory, a dedicated set of resources trained and certified on AWS. And because the journey doesn’t end once the migration is complete, Accenture provides its Cloud Managed Services optimized for AWS, to help customers run, operate, and evolve to a full cloud operating model.

The Accenture Insights Platform (AIP) is a scalable, on-demand, globally available analytics solution running on AWS. The AABG is leveraging AIP as the foundation for its big data offering to deliver analytics applications for healthcare and financial services customers that are architected and secured in compliance with relevant country and industry regulations. In addition, the AABG offers highly automated data migration, curation, sensitivity analysis, and management services to ensure quality, governance, and the right storage strategy to help customers move their data into AWS. This allows for a bulk move of data from on-premises data warehouses to AWS, where it is available for use in the pre-built analytics applications.

To help customers gain insights from and better manage their operations, assets, and existing infrastructure, the AABG is leveraging Accenture’s existing Connected Products as a Service Platform (CPaaS), optimized for AWS IoT, as the foundation on which to build connected IoT applications for buildings, homes, transport, insurance, consumer products, and mining. We focus on enabling applications to provide the real-time analytics and business logic-driven controls that can help utilities optimize energy consumption in buildings and homes, insurance companies modulate drive risk and premiums based on actual driver performance, product companies to monitor and control the quality of their products through the supply chain, and energy companies precision target resource extraction.

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