Smart Store Solutions on AWS

Backed by the world leader in retailing and cloud innovation, AWS smart store solutions empower retailers to reinvent the store experience, providing a fast, frictionless shopping experience that delights customers while driving operational efficiency and IT agility.

Benefits of building smart store solutions on AWS

Powered by AWS services and partners, AWS Smart Store capabilities help you transform customer experience, reduce costs through automation, and offer unprecedented opportunities to stand out from the competition.

Innovate & experiment faster

The faster your business moves, the more ideas you can try out. AWS Smart Store’s large and growing set of capabilities help you innovate and experiment quickly, so you find winning ideas faster and drive the outcomes your business needs.

Scale quickly to meet demand

Retailers deal with vast amounts of data across many locations, so scalability is key. When your innovations succeed—and demand surges—AWS helps you scale them quickly.

Optimize your technology investments

When your IT solutions work together as one, you multiply the power of your investments. AWS Smart Store solutions are connected natively, so you seamlessly combine data and resources from across your retail business, helping you streamline costs and accelerate innovation.

AWS Smart Store customers

ALDO Group
ALDO Group

Footwear leader uses AWS AppSync to give shoe shoppers a better in-store experience.

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Lotte Mart
Lotte Mart

Top South Korean hypermarket leverages Amazon Personalize to offer tailored recommendations to frequent shoppers.

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Perfect Corp
Perfect Corp.

Customers can try on makeup virtually using an AR and AI platform powered by AWS.

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  • Use cases

    Transform customer experiences

    With AWS, retailers can deliver engaging in-store experiences that are fast, easy, personalized, and safe.

    Personalized interactions

    Leveraging machine learning (ML) technology, AWS makes it easy for retailers to build applications that deliver a wide array of personalized experiences, including specific product recommendations, special deals, and customized mobile experiences. No ML experience required.

    In-store shopping assistance

    With AWS technologies, retailers can build mobile apps for the store to help shoppers find what they need using barcode scanning, product kiosks, in-store fulfillment picking, and personalized navigation.

    Virtual product exploration

    Smart store technologies using augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR) can help customers virtually try on multiple products without the need for dedicated staff. Shoppers can use AR mirrors and glasses to see what outfits and makeup would look best without trying them on. And they can use AR-powered cameras to overlay detailed data on products, helping drive sales.

    Health and safety safeguards

    With AWS, retailers can prevent accidents and keep stores healthy, reducing costly risks. In-store cameras can monitor store traffic and enforce masking and distancing rules, increasing store safety. In addition, stores can deploy robots to patrol aisles looking for spills or other dangers, leading to fewer accidents.

    In-store frictionless transactions

    Fast checkout leads to happier customers. With AWS, retailers create frictionless in-store transactions using cashier-less and voice-enabled checkout, scan-and-go apps, and mobile-enabled technologies for fast payments. Stores can use a combination of store cameras, smart carts, and AI/ML to detect when consumers choose items, speeding checkout.

  • Use cases

    Optimize in-store operational efficiency

    AWS Smart Store offerings can help retailers boost store productivity, lower costs, and drive continuous innovation.

    Assisted selling and clienteling

    With AWS, stores can offer in-store mobile solutions to help shoppers make the right purchase decision and establish long-term relationships that drive sales. AWS-enabled tablets help employees work closely with shoppers to recommend products. And customers can use their mobile device to scan UPC or QR codes to get detailed product information and use “check in” apps to get loyalty rewards.

    Store monitoring

    Smart stores can optimize operations by tracking and analyzing customer traffic and shopping behavior. ML platforms can track store traffic flow, queue depth, heat maps, loss prevention, and more. By adding computer vision to existing IP cameras, stores can record the “path-to-purchase” for customers, helping drive a more efficient store layout. Cameras can also detect defective products on the shelves, increasing quality and reducing operational costs.

    Inventory visibility

    With AWS solutions, retailers can boost store efficiency and profitability by enhancing the productivity of store space and gain a better view of their inventory and supply chain. RFID tracking and product tags can help stores simplify counting and lead to more accurate inventory, fewer stockouts, and better purchasing decisions. Next-gen “smart shelf” devices can be used to update prices in real time, count inventory, or use cost-saving pick-by-light systems.

    Store automation

    Smart stores are driving store efficiencies with a range of automated systems and robotic devices. AWS-powered stores can use robots to automate floor cleaning, reduce labor, and improve the store experience. Robots can be deployed to scan shelves for price and inventory accuracy and then prescribe corrective action. In addition, robots with computer vision can roam aisles to automatically verify planograms to maximize sales.

    Store as distribution center

    Smart stores can serve as omnichannel hubs for efficient customer pickup and deliveries. Within stores, AWS can help equip employees with tablets and specialized earpieces to quickly and accurately find and pick items for fulfillment. Outside the store, AWS computer vision solutions can enable stores to recognize license plates for pickup or drive-through.

    Equipment monitoring

    Failed equipment can damage product and reduce sales. AWS technologies help stores stay on top of equipment such as freezers and refrigerators. By analyzing sensor data with machine learning, they can detect abnormal equipment behavior and take action before failures occur, avoiding unplanned downtime and losses.

  • Use cases

    Enhance IT agility

    Moving to a cloud-based retail platform offers retailers significant cost savings and lays the foundation for developing a culture of experimentation, speed, and agility.

    Mission-critical store computing at the edge

    AWS brings the full range of cloud-computing technologies to smart stores, providing a low-latency, resilient infrastructure at the edge to support the most valuable systems and applications. Retailers benefit from nearby data centers to speed mobile applications and leverage a fully managed infrastructure with ruggedized, secure hardware.

    Rapid store application development

    With channel-agnostic applications, serverless solutions using microservices, and purpose-built databases, retailers have everything they need to build an application or website faster than ever. Now you don’t need to wait months to try something new—and outpace the competition.

    Application optimization and management in the cloud

    To keep applications running efficiently at scale, retailers can tap a wealth of cloud expertise and systems management that only AWS can offer. Stores can access fully managed AWS services and world-class performance and security, as well as use the latest serverless, container, and database technologies to focus on building innovative applications.

AWS Partners

The AWS Partner Network (APN) is the global community of partners who leverage AWS to build solutions and services for customers. Explore these key resources to find and connect with retail-focused AWS Partners around the globe.

AWS Smart Store Retail Competency Partners

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AWS Retail Competency Partners help customers accelerate their digital transformations across the entire enterprise, including marketing, merchandising, supply chain, store operations, finance, and IT. These AWS Partners, many of them experienced in AWS Smart Store solutions, have been validated for demonstrating technical proficiency and proven retail customer success in one or more specialized areas.

AWS Retail Innovation Zone by RIS

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Offered by RIS (Retail Info Systems), a retail business and technology community, this comprehensive site focuses on helping customers explore how AWS Retail Competency Partners can accelerate modernization and innovation efforts in areas spanning customer engagement, data science, and stores & ecommerce.


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