Rigado IoT Edge-as-a-Service

Provides Bluetooth connectivity, data collection, and processing for Enterprise Retail business applications

Rigado IoT Edge-as-a-Service is an AWS Partner Solution that can be Rapidly Deployed on AWS

Rigado helps retail solution providers create reliable, cost-optimized IoT edge infrastructures quickly, accelerating the move to “smart stores.” The Rigado Cascade-500 gateway, powered by the Edge Connect software platform, connects to Bluetooth and other low-energy sensors, creating a secure data pipeline directly to the customer’s AWS instance. This Edge-as-a-Service solution provides real-time, secure data that powers retail use cases such as cold-chain monitoring, inventory management, and employee safety.

Rigado is an AWS Retail Competency Partner.

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Time to market

Rigado makes it easy to launch a smart store pilot with a variety of sensors and pre-integration with cloud services including AWS IoT Greengrass.


Rigado provides Bluetooth coverage, security, and scale for any size of retail environment in a simple subscription model. Removing the best unless this can be verified by a third party source.


The solution can be applied to a variety of retail use cases, and the platform is designed for adding custom applications post-install.

Solution Highlights

Rigado provides edge connectivity and data processing for Enterprise IoT environments. The Cascade-500 Gateway running Edge Connect allows solution providers to easily integrate Bluetooth and other low energy sensors for data collection from retail physical spaces, creating visibility and control using any cloud application. Rigado helps accelerate time-to-market, and includes monitoring tools, integration support, and software updates to ensure success in production environments.

  • Cascade gateways provide optimized Bluetooth or custom mesh coverage and can be connected to the Internet using Ethernet or LTE.
  • Edge Connect filters and processes data for the cloud; it is also pre-integrated with AWS IoT Greengrass
  • Rigado includes remote monitoring and management tools for adding new edge applications and delivering security upgrades.
Rigado Solution Diagram Workflow

Case Study: Keeping Vaccines Safe Using IoT in the Healthcare Supply Chain


Retail pharmacies require accurate temperature monitoring to ensure biologics, OTC drugs, and vaccines remain safe-to-give. Onset, a leader in traditional temperature monitoring, had an existing solution that relied on one-to-one Bluetooth connections with their temperature loggers. The process required significant time from employees to keep store data up-to-date and maintain regulatory compliance.


With the new solution, the Onset temperature monitor sends individual logger temperature data via Bluetooth Low Energy to the Rigado gateway, where it is centrally processed and sent at scheduled intervals to the InTempConnect cloud-based data platform – whose data excursions trigger automatic email and SMS notifications.


By leveraging Rigado wireless edge infrastructure, Onset has been able to successfully roll out their InTemp temperature monitoring solution to over 500 healthcare sites and retail pharmacies across the US, ensuring flexibility and compliance across national chains and pharmaceutical companies and reducing employee workload per site.

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