Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling

Add or remove compute capacity to meet changing demand

Improve fault tolerance through automatic detection and replacement of unhealthy instances. 

Increase availability with predictive or dynamic scaling policies with the right amount of compute capacity.

Optimize workload performance and cost by combining purchase options and instance types.

Reduce the complexity of configuration changes and application deployments with instance refresh.

How it works

Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling helps you maintain application availability and lets you automatically add or remove EC2 instances using scaling policies that you define. Dynamic or predictive scaling policies let you add or remove EC2 instance capacity to service established or real-time demand patterns. The fleet management features of Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling help maintain the health and availability of your fleet.

Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling maintains application availability and defines how to scale Amazon EC2 capacity for your containerized applications.
Automating Management of Amazon EC2 Instances (51:16)
Преимущества автоматического масштабирования Amazon EC2
Автоматизация является основой эффективных процессов DevOps, поэтому автоматический запуск, выделение ПО и самостоятельное восстановление для группы инстансов Amazon EC2 – это главная задача. Автоматическое масштабирование Amazon EC2 предоставляет важнейшие возможности для каждого из этих шагов автоматизации жизненного цикла.

Use cases

Schedule application scaling

Use previous traffic patterns to determine application scaling in advance of known load changes.

Reduce manual provisioning

Follow the demand curve for your applications so that you don’t have to provision Amazon EC2 capacity in advance.

Anticipate changes with machine learning

Use machine learning to predict and schedule the right number of EC2 instances to anticipate approaching traffic changes.

How to get started

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