Amazon Web Services provides a set of secure and on-demand storage, archive, computing, transcoding, streaming, and application services for media companies.

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Intro to Digital Media in the Cloud: Keynote

With our comprehensive set of services and rich partner ecosystem, you can easily transfer, store, archive, encode, stream, and protect your media.

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Amazon Web Services publishes a Service Organization Controls 1 (SOC 1), Type 2 report. In addition, AWS has achieved ISO 27001, PCI DSS Level 1, and FISMA compliance.

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Digital Media in the Cloud: Securing your Media Library
Digital Media in the Cloud: Best Practices for Processing Media on AWS

With Amazon EC2 you can deploy 1000s of machines, configure them with the encoding software you choose, encode your entire library, and shut the cluster down when you’re done.

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With Amazon S3, you can add any amount of content and access it from anywhere. Amazon S3 is designed to provide 99.999999999% durability over a given year and offers encryption and access control features.

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Digital Media in the Cloud: Ingest Storage and Archive on AWS
Digital Media in the Cloud: Media Streaming on AWS

Amazon CloudFront is a global content delivery network with dozens of locations worldwide, so your media streams fast. Amazon CloudFront is easy to use and low cost.

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With Amazon Glacier you get the same 11 9s data durability as Amazon S3 and pay as little as .01 per gigabyte per month. With your data in Glacier, you can leverage our other service to quickly distribute older content when it becomes popular.

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Getting Started with Amazon Glacier

With Amazon Direct Connect you can bypass the internet and set up 1Gb or 10Gb direct connections from your datacenters to the AWS Cloud. We also have technology partners who can transfer large files over the internet at up-to 700Mb/s.

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Since 2006 we have lowered our pricing over 40 times, and we offer five pricing models for Amazon EC2 to help you lower your costs.

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AWS has a broad set of digital media partners in the AWS Partner Network (APN). The APN offers a Digital Media Competency for top partners that have proven capabilities building solutions for media and entertainment customers that assist in the creation, management, and distribution of digital content on AWS.

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TCO Calculator for Web Applications

Get a detailed TCO comparison for AWS and an on-premises IT infrastructure.

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Use AWS to encode your media library. Amazon Elastic Transcoder makes it easy to convert video files between different digital media formats in the cloud.

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Use AWS to stream your on-demand and live video. Amazon CloudFront is our global content delivery network (CDN).

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Use AWS for your primary, backup, and archive storage.

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Amazon Web Services provides a set of compute, storage, database, and application services that make it easy to scale and maintain cost-effective internet-based apps that run fast.

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