Now, more than ever, innovation is vital to creating and maintaining differentiation. Learn how industry leaders sustain continual innovation that grows their business and delivers differentiated customer experiences.

The innovation imperative

Innovation drives progress. It is vital to support economic development, improve social well-being, and to address the environmental challenges of the 21st century. For organizations, innovation is a source of growth and competitive advantage that can deepen customer engagement, increase revenue, and enable rapid entry to new categories or markets.

Conversations with Leaders
How LG Embeds Customer-centricity into Product Planning
Myeong-Gyu Choi, VP of LG Academy, shares insights on how to embed customer-centricity for product development teams and working with the AWS Digital Innovation practice team.
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Customer Spotlight
Putting the Patient at the Center of Healthcare Innovation
David Cohen, Chief Product and Technology Officer, discusses Greenway Health’s new product development approach and how it helped them deliver new products at breakneck speed.
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Customer Spotlight
Innovating to Remove Barriers in the Fertility Journey
Joy Lewin, Sr. Director of Commercial Development at Ferring, discusses how the pharma company is innovating to help women and couples take the first step to fertility treatment.
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Innovation in practice

Innovation depends on deeply understanding your customers, and enabling anyone with a great idea to test that idea quickly and easily. These companies demonstrate what's possible when you give innovators the right tool for the job, lower the time and cost of experimentation, and make exciting new technologies accessible to everyone.

Read the Coca-Cola case study
Reimagining the future of contactless experiences
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Innovating for an audience of 200 million
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Read the Bayer case study
Delivering better visibility for healthier crops through IoT
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Conversations with Leaders
Infusing the Enterprise with Innovation
Deutsche Bahn leader, Christa Koenen, shares how a major migration to cloud and the retooling of Deutsche Bahn’s culture and processes became a huge innovation enabler
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Read the GE Healthcare case study
GE Healthcare
Connecting clinicians with insights to improve healthcare outcomes
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Read the Roybi case study
Reinventing early-childhood education—5 months ahead of schedule
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Read the AXA case study
Examining customer interactions to drive innovation and better customer service
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Innovation at Amazon

Innovation is central to Amazon’s approach. Since 1994, Amazon has continually invented on behalf of our customers to deliver new products, services, and value to meet customers’ needs. This innovation has transformed our supply chain and logistics strategy, and created new forms of ecommerce that enabled us to scale—leveraging the power, breadth, and depth of AWS. Our customers often ask us how we innovate. While recognizing that every organization is different and there are many models for success, we are happy to share our approach and our learnings.

We put the customer at the center of everything we do.
We believe that innovation starts with the customer–and we work backwards from there to invent on their behalf.
We relentlessly experiment so we can learn quickly.
The more experiments we do, the more opportunity we have to learn, and the faster we can identify what works.
We make innovation part of our culture.
We want anyone and everyone to feel like they have the freedom–and capability–to propose and test new ideas.’s Experience as an AWS Customer
CUSTOMER VIDEO’s Experience as an AWS Customer
Gavin Jewell, Director of Consumer Cloud Enablement at, shares how Amazon uses AWS—both technically and culturally—to deliver experiences that engage hundreds of millions of customers worldwide.
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Amazon’s Go-To Innovation Techniques
Amazon’s Go-To Innovation Techniques
Gartner examines how Amazon has scaled its innovation capabilities by embedding key attitudes and approaches deeply into the culture.
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Dan Slater

AWS Worldwide, Innovation Programs
Core Elements of Amazon’s Day 1 Culture

Amazon's "Day 1" mentality is a culture and an operating model that puts customers at the center of everything Amazon does. Retaining a "Day 1" mentality relies on maintaining a long-term focus, obsessing over customers, and bold innovation.

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Richard Halkett

AWS Worldwide Lead, Digital Innovation
Richard Halkett, AWS Worldwide Lead, Digital Innovation
Innovating Through Disruption

More than ever, companies are beset by challenges–and surrounded by opportunities, too. To thrive, companies are going to have to do (even) more with (even) less. Richard Halkett, AWS Worldwide Lead, Digital Innovation, describes how Amazon is tackling this challenge.

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