Manage configuration settings, perform vulnerability analyses

As demand for your applications running on AWS grows, the need to monitor your AWS resources also increases.

Configuration and Vulnerability Analysis with AWS Marketplace

As many security breaches track back to simple human error, leveraging an automated security mechanism for both configuration management and vulnerability assessments can prove to be a potent, cost-effective approach.
Solutions offered by vendors on AWS Marketplace allow you to monitor the behavior of a system and access tools for configuration management—automating responses to mandated key performance indicators (KPIs), along with adding or removing resources depending upon demand. This automation eliminates the need to operate your own configuration management systems or worry about maintaining its infrastructure. For compliance, changes to your environment are automatically logged, allowing audits for visibility into what actions impacted reliability.
Our use case study, Configuration and Vulnerability Analysis, recommends conducting an external vulnerability assessment, external penetration tests, and an internal gray/white-box review of applications and platforms.
Download the e-book now to review further specific solutions to your security needs within this space; read advice from your IT peers on what works for them regarding cloud security; and more solutions available on AWS Marketplace that you can integrate.

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