Posted On: Mar 3, 2009

We are excited to announce several new features for the Amazon EC2 European Region. Starting today, you can launch Amazon EC2 running Windows or SQL Server instances in the EU Region, enabling you to locate your Windows computing resources close to your European customers/partners, as well as to other AWS computing services (e.g. Amazon S3, Amazon CloudFront, etc.). Pay-as-you-go pricing for Amazon EC2 running Windows Server in the EU Region begins at $0.135 per compute hour.

To make it even easier to get started and to manage Amazon EC2, the AWS Management Console has been extended to the Amazon EC2 European Region and provides the same features as in the US Region, including provisioning and managing Linux/UNIX and Windows instances, Amazon EBS volumes, and Elastic IP addresses.

Finally, Amazon EC2 has also launched an additional Availability Zone for Windows instances in the US Region, making it possible for you to build Windows-based systems that are resilient to failure in a single location.

We are excited to share these new features with you and invite you to visit the Windows Detail Page or the AWS Management Console to get started.