Posted On: Sep 13, 2012

We are excited to announce the availability of Data Pump for Amazon RDS for Oracle. Oracle Data Pump provides fast data movement between Oracle databases, much faster than the original Export and Import utilities. Data Pump makes it easy to import your data into Amazon RDS (or export out of Amazon RDS) from both on-premise databases and databases running on Amazon EC2. We currently support the network mode of Data Pump where the job source is an Oracle database.

Oracle Data Pump is available immediately for new RDS for Oracle DB Instances. If you are running or DB Instances, you can upgrade to the (v5) DB Engine to use Data Pump. Additionally, you can upgrade your v3 DB Instance to v4 or v5 to use Oracle Apex and Oracle XML DB. To upgrade your databases, please follow the instructions documented in the RDS User Guide.

To learn more about using Data Pump with RDS for Oracle, please visit the Amazon RDS Data Import Guide for Oracle.