Posted On: Sep 27, 2012

We are excited to announce that Amazon CloudFront, the easy-to-use content delivery network, has added support for the private content feature to the AWS Management Console. You can now configure your distribution to deliver private content without having to use the Amazon CloudFront API. With this addition, along with the recent addition of invalidation support, all Amazon CloudFront features can now be configured using the AWS Management Console’s simple graphical user interface.

Amazon CloudFront’s private content feature provides you greater control over who is able to download your files from Amazon CloudFront. Support for private content in the AWS Management Console includes the ability to configure settings for origin access identities to restrict access to your Amazon S3 buckets. In addition, you can now use the AWS Management Console to add trusted signers; these are AWS accounts that have permission to create signed URLs. With these additions, it is now even easier for you to use Amazon CloudFront to securely deliver important digital assets that you prefer not to make publicly available such as digital downloads, training materials, personalized documents, or media files.

You can learn more about the private content feature by visiting the Amazon CloudFront detail page or by reviewing our technical documentation in the Amazon CloudFront Developer Guide.