Posted On: Jan 14, 2013

We are pleased to announce a new feature that enables you to rename an existing database instance. You can now change the name and endpoint of your existing DB Instances via the AWS Management Console, Amazon RDS API, or the Amazon RDS command line toolkit. DB instance renaming feature is available with all RDS-supported database engines (i.e. MySQL, Oracle, and SQL Server) and in all AWS regions.

You can use this feature for a number of use cases:

  • Assume the name and endpoint of an existing DB Instance: Amazon RDS provides multiple options for data recovery include Point in Time Recovery, Read Replica Promotion, and Restore from DB Snapshot. With the ability to “Rename”, you can now have these “new” DB Instances assume the identity of an existing DB Instance, thus allowing you to avoid updating your applications with a new endpoint.
  • Create a new name and endpoint for an existing DB Instance: As your applications grow on Amazon RDS, the role of your DB Instances may evolve. “Rename” functionality will allow you to keep the names of your DB Instances in sync with the new roles your instances may take on.

Please refer to the DB Instance section of the Amazon RDS User Guide to learn more.

For more information about using Amazon RDS, please visit our detail page, our documentation and our FAQs.