Posted On: Jan 15, 2013

In October, we launched Gateway-Cached volumes for AWS Storage Gateway. This capability provides you with the ability to store your application’s primary data in Amazon S3 while retaining frequently accessed data on-premises in the form of a Gateway-Cached volume. We’re excited to announce that AWS Storage Gateway for EC2 is now in the AWS Marketplace.

This gives you a cloud-hosted solution that can mirror your entire production environment in case your on-premises infrastructure goes down or if you choose to add additional on-demand compute capacity. You can now make an EBS snapshot copy of a Gateway-Cached volume available to an EC2 instance of your on-premise application using AWS Storage Gateway in EC2. Using Amazon EC2, you can configure virtual machine images of your application servers in AWS. When you have a DR scenario or you need additional compute capacity, you can launch your application EC2 instances and an AWS Storage Gateway in EC2. You can then restore a snapshot from your on-premises Gateway-Cached volume to a new volume for your AWS Storage Gateway in EC2, connect your EC2 application instances to your restored volume through iSCSI, and your DR or on-demand environment is up and running. You only pay for these servers when you need them, so you can have your DR or on-demand environment at the ready without having to pay for capacity when it’s not in use.

Learn more and get started by visiting the AWS Storage Gateway User Guide.