Posted On: Jul 24, 2013

We are pleased to introduce two new features for AWS OpsWorks that make it easier for you to manage applications.

Chef 11 OpsWorks now supports Chef 11. With this update, you can use Chef 11 features in your recipes and a broader set of community cookbooks. New stacks will now support Chef 11 by default. See the documentation for steps to update existing stacks.

Custom Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) You can now use custom Amazon Machine Images (AMI) with AWS OpsWorks. Custom AMIs let you save the state of an Amazon EC2 instance including any software packages that you require in your desired configuration. OpsWorks' support for custom AMIs lets you speed boot times and gives you greater control over installed software and package versions, simplifying your development and QA process. The combination of custom AMIs and Chef recipes gives you faster boot times for components that change less frequently and the ability to easily and quickly change dynamic components.

A few clicks in the AWS Management Console are all it takes to get your first application running on AWS OpsWorks. You can learn more by reading the OpsWorks documentation or joining our AWS OpsWorks webinar on August 8, 2013 at 10:00 AM PST.