Posted On: Aug 13, 2013

We’re excited to announce Mobile Push for Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS). App developers can now easily send push notifications to Apple, Google and Kindle Fire devices using one simple API, and easily scale from a few notifications a day to millions of notifications or higher.

Our customers tell us that prior to availability of SNS Mobile Push, supporting push notifications at large scale was incredibly complicated. Amazon, Apple, and Google each maintains a separate relay service to deliver notifications for devices running the platforms they own. Supporting millions of users on multiple mobile platforms has often meant integrating with each of these platform-specific relay services, thus introducing operational complexity and cost for our customers.

Customers tell us that virtually all use cases for push notifications require an intermediary application to manage security tokens, queue outgoing messages, and abstract platform-specific APIs. Many developers tell us that they used to maintain their own intermediary relay applications, even though they found the process of operating these intermediaries to be painful and error prone.

SNS Mobile Push alleviates the need to build and operate one’s own intermediary service, and enables developers to push once, deliver anywhere. This reduces the cost and complexity for developers, as they do not have to integrate and maintain different versions of the same push software for multiple mobile platforms.

With SNS, you can target unique messages to individual devices, or broadcast identical messages to many subscribers at once. You can start using this feature right away at no charge. The AWS Free Tier means all AWS customers can send one million push notifications per month across iOS, Android and Kindle platforms at no charge. After that, you pay $0.50 for each million messages that you publish, plus $0.50 for every million mobile push deliveries.

To learn more about Amazon SNS Mobile Push, sign up for the webinar on August 29th, 2013. You can get started right away by visiting today.