Posted On: Jan 29, 2014

We are excited to announce that Amazon SQS (SQS) now offers Dead Letter Queues (DLQ). Now, with DLQs, you can designate special queues to collect messages that could not be delivered after a given number of attempts. With DLQs you can write applications or assign people to more effectively analyze and understand why messages cannot be delivered. This helps you troubleshoot events that may be impacting your end users or other systems.

DLQs are easy to setup. In fact, they are regular SQS queues. You simply assign a DLQ to a "source queue" you have already created. You can use either the AWS Management Console or SQS APIs to connect a source queue to a Dead Letter Queue. Dead Letter Queues are available starting today in all AWS regions except for AWS GovCloud (US).

For more information about SQS Dead Letter Queues, please visit Jeff Barr's Blog, the SQS Documentation, and the SQS API Reference. You can learn more about SQS at the SQS Detail Page.