Posted On: Jun 12, 2014

AWS SDK for iOS Version 2 is now in Developer Preview. We have re-built it from the ground up to conform to Objective-C conventions and take advantage of new features in the Cocoa framework. The new SDK will also improve interoperability with a number of other frameworks and projects in the iOS developer ecosystem.


  1. Amazon DynamoDB Object Mapper - We have made it easier to use DynamoDB from the AWS SDK for iOS by providing the DynamoDB Object Mapper for iOS. The DynamoDB Object Mapper makes it easy to set up connections to a DynamoDB database and supports high-level operations like creating, getting, querying, updating, and deleting records.
  2. S3TransferManager - We have rebuilt the S3TransferManager to utilize BFTask. It has a clean interface, and all of the operations are now asynchronous.
  3. ARC support - The SDK is now ARC enabled from the ground up to improve overall memory management.
  4. BFTask support - Async methods with complex logic often cause deeply nested blocks in Objective-C. With native BFTask support, you can chain async requests instead of nesting them. This makes the logic cleaner while keeping the code more readable.
  5. Conforming Objective-C recommendations - We are better at conforming to Objective-C best practices. The SDK returns NSErrors instead of throwing exceptions. iOS developers will now feel at home when using the AWS Mobile SDK.
  6. Official Cocoapods support - Including the AWS SDK for iOS in your project is now easier than ever. You just need to add pod "AWSiOSSDKv2" to your Podfile.

Try out the new features, give us feedback, and help shape the final design. You can get the SDK here.