Posted On: Mar 31, 2015

We are pleased to announce Single Sign-On capabilities between Amazon WorkDocs and Amazon WorkSpace, in addition to auto session resume for Amazon WorkSpaces.

Single Sign-On (SSO) capabilities are now available for Amazon WorkSpaces and Amazon WorkDocs. With SSO, when you are signed in to your Amazon WorkSpace you will automatically be signed in to your Amazon WorkDocs sync client and web client when you access them. Additionally, if you are connecting from a device on the same domain as your Amazon WorkDocs subscription you will automatically be signed in when you access the Amazon WorkDocs sync client and web client.

You can enable SSO by visiting the AWS Directory Service area of the AWS console, and for steps on setting up SSO see our documentation.

Additionally, with auto session resume, the WorkSpaces client will automatically resume your previous session as soon as it detects an interruption in the session. Auto session resume will take effect as long as the interruption lasts less than 20 minutes (this time can be configured). Today, if you close your laptop lid to move between meetings or if you have an unreliable Wi-Fi connection, your WorkSpaces session will be interrupted and you may be disconnected from your WorkSpace, meaning you have to log back in. You can extend the auto session resume time to a maximum of 4 hours, or disable the feature entirely. Please see our documentation for more details on how to configure this policy. This feature will be made available to all customers globally during the first week in April.