Posted On: Mar 26, 2015

Resource Groups and Tag Editor now support the ability to search for resources by tag substring. AWS customers use tags to find and organize resources on a single console page using Resource Groups. The new substring search feature lets customers use Resource Groups when their environment uses a single tag key for multiple distinct values, such as “FooDB-Prod-01-jdoe”. For example, create a resource group for a production environment that displays resources with the substring “Prod” anywhere in the “Name” tag.

Tag Editor also supports substring search, simplifying the transition from using one tag key to several tag keys. Customers can now search for all tag keys that contain a particular substring and then use Tag Editor’s bulk edit function to apply the substring as a new tag to all matching resources. Using the previous example, a customer might apply the “Environment” tag key with a value of “Production” to all resources that contain the substring “Prod” in the “Name” tag key.

If you’re new to tags, use the Tag Editor to search for all resources and apply tags to them. Remember, tag search is case sensitive.

You can learn more about Resource Groups and Tag Editor in the documentation. Tell us what features you’d like to see in Resource Groups and Tag Editor by using the Feedback link on the bottom of the page.