Posted On: Apr 28, 2015

You can now run and test Docker-enabled applications on your local machine using the AWS Elastic Beanstalk CLI (EB CLI). This new feature (eb local) streamlines your development and testing and allows you to run and test containers used for Generic, Preconfigured, and Multi-container Docker environments directly on your local machine. Previously, you would have to type in all the option flags (e.g., ports, log volumes) specified in your file in order to run your containers locally the same way as it would deploy on Elastic Beanstalk. You would also have to manually launch multiple containers to test multi-container Docker applications. Now, you just use the ‘eb local’ command and the EB CLI will run your containers locally using the same configurations specified in your You can also get the status of your containers, print the location of your logs, and open your application URL in your browser directly from the CLI.

Read the AWS blog for a quick walkthrough. Please see our documentation for more information on this feature.

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