Posted On: Nov 23, 2015

You can now create and model links between different application components (for example: frontend and worker, or frontend and API) when developing microservices-based applications in AWS Elastic Beanstalk. Previously, you had to manually hardcode links between components, making it difficult to manage and update multi-component applications. Now, you can easily model dynamic links between application components and then the components of your application can be updated as a group, or individually, using a configuration template and a single command. Links between application components are modeled using the AWS Management Console, CLI, or SDK.

Environment links are useful for creating multi-tiered applications by stitching together two or more components that perform specific functions. For example, if you have an online image enhancement service where users upload photos and your service enhances the photo, you can create a frontend component, where users upload and view their images, that is linked to a backend component, where the uploaded photos are enhanced.

Visit the documentation to learn more about modeling environment links when creating microservices-based web applications in Elastic Beanstalk. Read this guide to get started with this feature using the Elastic Beanstalk CLI.

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