Posted On: Dec 15, 2015

We are excited to announce that starting today the Amazon Machine Images (AMI) Copy Service supports copying AMIs from another AWS account within the same AWS region or across regions.The process of copying AMIs from another AWS account is same as copying AMIs within your account. You can use the AWS Management Console, EC2 Command Line Interface, or EC2 API.

To copy AMIs from another AWS account or to allow other accounts to copy your AMIs, you need the necessary read permission on the storage backing the AMIs, which is the EBS Snapshot for EBS-backed AMIs or the S3 bucket for instance store-backed AMIs. The account owning the source AMI will be charged standard Amazon EBS or Amazon S3 transfer fees in the source region and the account copying the AMI will be charged to store the copied AMI in the destination region. In addition, the AMI Copy Service now performs additional validations, such as checking for the existence of the source AMI and necessary access permissions, before initiating the copy and returning the AMI ID.

For additional details and to get started with AMI Copy Service, visit the EC2 AMI Copy User’s Guide.