Posted On: Jan 14, 2016

You can now download version 1.0.200 of the AWS Schema Conversion Tool. This version adds support for PostgreSQL as a conversion target, in addition to MySQL/MariaDB/Aurora conversion targets available previously. Further improvements include:

  • Ability to save converted schema as SQL scripts in local files to simplify manual adjustments, before the schema scripts are applied to the target database.
  • Updated database migration assessment report with new categories for manual conversion time estimates. For more information, see Creating and Using the Assessment Report.
  • Improved handling of encrypted objects with better user notifications.
  • Schema items that could not be automatically converted to the target DB instance are now highlighted in the tool with an exclamation point icon.
  • The Oracle TRUNC function is now converted to the MySQL TRUNCATE function for MySQL and Amazon Aurora target DB instances.
  • The SQL Server PARSENAME, ISNUMERIC, CAST, and DATEADD (with millisecond date part) functions are now supported for conversion.

To learn more, review the 1.0.200 Release Notes, download the latest version of the AWS Schema Conversion Tool for the development platform of your choice (Windows, Mac, Fedora (rpm), Ubuntu (deb)) and follow the AWS SCT Installation Guide.