Posted On: Feb 17, 2016

You can now receive Amazon Simple Notification Service (Amazon SNS) notifications for events related to your AWS CodeDeploy deployments. This lets you receive push notifications for CodeDeploy events (e.g. deployment or instance events) through SMS and email messages.  

This feature helps you stay up-to-date about the live status of your CodeDeploy deployments without needing to actively monitor updates. For example, you may be a developer who needs to know when a deployment fails so that you can quickly troubleshoot the issue. Or you may be a system administrator who wants to be notified whenever an Amazon EC2 instance fails so that you can monitor the health of your EC2 fleet during deployments. CodeDeploy lets you set push notifications for the events that you choose according to your specific use case. 

You can also use Amazon SNS notifications to send the details of each deployment in a JSON format file to other services (e.g. Amazon Simple Queue Service, AWS Lambda). This lets you notify other services about the details of your CodeDeploy events and trigger actions using those services.  

Visit here to learn more about creating push notifications in CodeDeploy.

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