Posted On: May 5, 2016

Recently, Oracle certified their suite of Siebel CRM Applications to operate on Amazon Web Services infrastructure. Today, we are releasing a tutorial for guiding you through the setup of Amazon RDS for Oracle as the database backend of your Siebel CRM Application.

The three required components of the Siebel CRM Application – the Siebel Gateway Name Server, Siebel Server, and Webserver with Siebel Web Server Extensions - can be deployed to multiple Amazon EC2 instances behind an Amazon Elastic Load Balancer (ELB), while the fourth required Siebel component – the Siebel Database – can be setup on Amazon RDS for Oracle.

To review Oracle’s certification of Siebel CRM Applications on Amazon Web Services, click on the Certification tab on the Oracle Support page and select Siebel Application Server or Siebel Database Server. To learn more, visit the step-by-step guide for enabling Amazon RDS for Oracle as the Siebel database backend.