Posted On: Jun 21, 2016

Note: Docker Datacenter is now Docker Enterprise Edition (EE). The AWS Quick Start reflects this change.

This Quick Start automates the deployment of Docker Datacenter (DDC) on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud. Docker Datacenter is an end-to-end platform for agile application development and container management. It offers organizations a CaaS (containers as a service) solution for deploying their apps, both on premises and in the cloud.

This Quick Start was built in collaboration with Docker and enables customers to build a highly available Docker Datacenter environment on AWS in 20-30 minutes, in accordance with best practices from AWS and Docker. The Quick Start spins up the main components of Docker Datacenter:

  • Docker Universal Control Plane (UCP), which provides application management and container orchestration
  • Docker Trusted Registry (DTR), which stores and manages your container images
  • Docker Engine, which builds and runs your containers

The Quick Start includes an AWS CloudFormation template that automates the deployment and provides customization options such as cluster size (3-64 nodes) and instance types for the UCP controllers, DTR replicas, and UCP nodes. The deployment guide describes the reference architecture and provides step-by-step instructions for deploying the software.

Quick Starts are automated reference deployments for key workloads on the AWS cloud. Each Quick Start launches, configures, and runs the AWS compute, network, storage, and other services required to deploy a specific workload on AWS, using AWS best practices for security and availability.

To get started with Docker Datacenter on AWS, use the following resources:

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